UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal tells the story of how his father escaped communist Cuba

We must continue telling the stories and never forget what many of our Cuban parents and grandparents went through to escape the oppression of socialism and provide us with the gift of liberty.

Via The Sun:

Jorge Masvidal’s dad’s incredible escape from Cuba aged 14 on a self-made raft, eating bird meat and drinking blood

JORGE Masvidal’s day of reckoning will come on Fight Island, when he battles Kamaru Usman at UFC 251, but for his dad Jorge Masvidal Sr, his coming-of-age moment came when he was just 14.

Refusing to live under a communistic rule conducted by revolutionary Fidel Castro, he fled to south Florida with men he barely knew on a self-made raft built with tractor tyres.

They got lost at sea, and were left with no drinking water after a gallon drum that was filled with fresh water became contaminated with saltwater.

On day three, floating on the ocean and starving, Masvidal Sr captured and killed a bird, drank its blood and gorged on its meat until they ended up in the Virgin Islands.

This is a story of survival that would make Bear Grylls think twice about before embarking on such a journey.


Masvidal Sr grew up middle class, for Cuban standards. His dad was a bus driver, and the family lived moderately but comfortably.

To make extra cash, he would go deep-see diving with a spear gun and catch fish.

But when Cuban President Fulgencio Batista was overthrown and the government was replaced by a socialist state in 1959, he wanted to escape.

In an interview with Vice, the UFC star explained his father’s reasons for leaving Cuba.

“My dad is one of the craziest dudes,” he said.

“I was like, ‘Man, what would make you pick up and go at the age of 14?’ And he said, ‘They were gonna tell me what my favourite colour was gonna be, and who and what I was gonna be, so I decided to go.'”

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