Jamaican doctors laid off while government continues paying Cuba’s dictatorship for slave doctors

The cheap slave labor provided by the socialist Castro dictatorship’s “medical brigades” has proven too good to pass up for Jamaica’s government. Modern-day slavery is thriving in 2020.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Jamaica can’t afford to contract its own doctors, but continues paying for Cuban doctors

While the economic crisis in Jamaica caused by COVID-19 “prevents” the government from paying its doctors, it hasn’t stopped them from paying millions of dollars to the Cuban regime for their medical professionals.

According to a news report in The Gleaner, hospitals in Jamaica are not hiring Jamaican medical professionals “due to budget restrictions” caused by coronavirus.

The report adds that in fact, the crisis has “forced” the government to layoff several Jamaican doctors, even in the midst of the pandemic.

While this is taking place, a group of doctors in Jamaica continue waiting for their contracts with the Ministry of Health and Welfare to be confirmed.

Several of the local physicians who had begun working at hospitals and were promised salaries were laid off a short time later. They were told the reason for their termination was that their salaries “could not be accommodated in the current financial budget.”

Although it is true the pandemic has had a devastating economic impact on the country, especially a nation that depends nearly 100% on tourism, it is incongruous that the government prioritizes paying Cuban doctors over their own.

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  1. Those “emerging” rent-a-docs look like so many sausages dressed in white and wearing face masks. They’re certainly mass-produced like sausages. The whole thing is a miserable racket, and everybody knows it.

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