What shall we now call that team the Dolphins played twice in The Super Bowl?

Back in January 1973, the perfect Dolphins beat Washington in the Super Bowl. The final score was 14-7 and everybody remembers how Garo Yepremian missed that field goal that would have made it 17-0, or exactly Miami’s record that year. As my mother used to say, “no nay nada garantizado en este mundo.”  Well, an easy Yepremian field goal was not in the cards that day. 

Back in January 1983, Miami met Washington again but the guys formerly known as “pieles rojas” took home the trophy winning by the score of 27-17

What are we going to tell our kids the next time we are talking about Dolphins and two of their Super Bowl appearances? Talk about messed-up priorities. Apparently, Washington, one of the legendary NFL franchises, will retire the name “Redskins” to please people who get angry about stuff like that. Seriously, have you ever met anyone who got that worked up about a team mascot? 

I will miss thinking of Billy Kilmer and that quarterback controversy with Sonny Jergusen.  Or John Riggings running that long TD and that cool helmet design. 

Put me down as someone who does not watch NFL games to find something wrong with the team names. By the way, the Cowboys vs “whatever the new name” rivalry won’t be the same.  Yes, there was something about Cowboys and Redskins going at it on the football field. It won’t be the same.    

Maybe Black Lives Matter and all of those white college students will celebrate the Redskins’ name change by painting a street or vandalizing another statue. For sure, none of them will march this week in Chicago, or anywhere else, calling on people to stop shooting each other. 

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1 thought on “What shall we now call that team the Dolphins played twice in The Super Bowl?”

  1. What team would truly name itself after a derogatory term or an insult? Not one. What is so offensive about physical features? Nothing. Not to mention that the logo itself was designed by an American indian.

    Then again, the left and the media, but I repeat myself, are very aware that white guilt must be kept alive any way possible for the sake of control, social conditioning, and identity politics. They are also aware that their subscribers, as in useful dummies, do not analyze but merely respond to stimuli.

    After all, this matter with the Redskins has long been media-driven bullshit pushed by entitled and obnoxious bullshitters who live in fear of ever being called out. Thus, the mantra is always “how dare YOU call _(insert eternal victim)_ the ____________, that’s racist?”

    By the way, with such discredited media and so much talk about “diversity” when will they start talking about diversity in media ownership?

    That, of course, will never happen because they are the prime example of overrepresentation, privilege, and tribalism – the type that resorts to bullying when a tribal member or outsider is unwilling to conform to the politics of the collective. Politics that, sadly, we know too well.

    Anyhow, I would rename that team the Redheads, BlueEyes, or Blondes just to see the left stutter its way to the Moron Hall of Fame.

    After all, such a mediocre team could certainly use a fresh start with a name that is less nomadic and, instead, evocative of more accomplishment and progress.

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