Cuban slave doctors update: Human rights complaint filed in Uruguay

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Slavery

Announcement from Global Liberty Alliance (see link below for more information)

This morning, Global Liberty Alliance counsel filed a complaint with the Uruguayan Human Rights and Ombudsman Office for complete investigation of the Cuban medical mission to Uruguay. 

Several months of research and government communications secured the release of nearly 100 pages of documents related to the contract, struck between Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health and Uruguay’s Ministry of Social Development, but many more facts remain hidden.

“Exposing the Cuban trafficking networks and assisting those who seek to leave these missions is in the U.S. national interest. So is holding to account persons, organizations, and businesses involved in facilitating modern day slavery of Cuban health workers. By going local, we intend to do just that with legal and human rights teams in Uruguay and other nations,” said Jason Poblete, GLA President. 

The GLA Uruguay counsel, Sabrina Peláez, wrote: “The Cuban State does not provide this kind of ‘collaboration’ altruistically or at a low cost; instead, it uses this mechanism to finance itself. In theory there would be no reproach for doing this, but this free or low price is due and achieved at the cost of the exploiting persons, at the cost of the slave and / or forced labor of the doctors, technicians and non-medical personnel who are sent in these ‘Brigades.'”

The files discovered, as well as further information, are posted on GLA’s Uruguay Cuban Medical Mission Files page.

Cuban Minister of Slave Doctor Sales, Dr. Yotemato Enseguida y Facilmente: How dare you denounce us! We send only the very best equine medics, like the one behind me — top of his class at the University of Havana School of Medicine– and all that he and his colleagues need is a bucket of oats per day… and a little hanky panky with the local mares now and then… You know…they have feelings too, and also some uncontrollable urges, just like the rest of us…

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  1. The blatantly exploited rent-a-docs are only one example of how easy it is to get away with murder, more or less, as long as you’re on the “correct” side, because the usual suspects will at least look the other way–and very frequently actively support you and provide cover.

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