Cuban State Security out in force as Castro dictatorship opens ‘dollars only’ stores

The Cuban people have been struggling for months (years actually) trying to find food and basic items in empty state-run stores. Suddenly, the socialist regime now opens fully stocked “dollars only” stores filled with all the items Cubans have been denied.

Naturally, State Security and the National Revolutionary Police are there to make sure no Cubans who don’t have foreign currency get in and no independent journalists report on the economic apartheid.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Opening day of sales in dollars with the PNR controlling the lines

On Monday, Cuba’s Marxist dictatorship opened stores that sell only in foreign currencies and eliminated the tax on U.S. dollars. It is an expansion of its attempts to obtain hard currency to deal with the economic crisis, which fundamentally depends on cash remittances from exiles to family members on the island.

Opposition leader Manuel Cuesta Morua called it the reestablishment of economic apartheid and considers the measures a national disgrace.

In the Cuban capital, long lines formed since the early morning hours at half a dozen stores dedicated to selling food and personal hygiene products under this new process, reported the AP.

The merchandise offered can be purchased only with national or foreign credit cards back by hard currency — no cash is accepted — including Visa or Mastercard.

For example, at a huge store in Camaguey and Boyers in the Capital — which has always been a retail location — the shelves were stocked with products that were previously scarce in stores that sell in the national currency: detergent, ground chicken, beef, and canned food.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban State Security out in force as Castro dictatorship opens ‘dollars only’ stores”

  1. So what’s the problem? This is totally consistent and in keeping with the prime directive. Move along.

    There is of course, no shame of any kind. There cannot be. The “revolution” cannot afford such scruples.

    And yes, the “diaspora” WILL play ball and finance this. They’re put in an inescapable bind, and I do get that. It amounts to extortion, but it does work, and Castro, Inc. knows that and counts on it.

    And those Cubans who have no access to outside funding? They can grow their own damn food, or figure out some “creative” way to procure it, even if it means literal prostitution. Not an issue. Vamos bien.

  2. As for this being a national disgrace, the entire “revolution” is a national disgrace, even to Cubans who had nothing to do with it and have never supported it. We are ALL disgraced by the abomination–forever.

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