Surprise! San Francisco lawmakers call for Cuban involvement in U.S. coronavirus plague crisis

San Francisco Board of Useful Idiots

From our Bureau of Useful Idiots and Left Coast Goosestepping

Of course. This was so predictable.

The only surprising item in this news story is the fact that 14 other cities had already beat San Francisco to the punch!

And it’s also surprising that San Francisco Board of Supervisors hadn’t already struck a deal with the Ministry of Slave Doctors in Havana.

This nonsense could prove to be more contagious than the plague itself. Let’s see how many more cities in the U.S. follow SF’s leftist goose-stepping.

Lord have mercy.

Cuba’s magnificent socialist social-distancing plague control

From 48 Hills

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution July 21 calling for the US to cooperate with Cuba in the fight against COVID 19. At a time when the federal and many state governments are failing to curb the pandemic, the resolution noted that the US can “save lives by entering into medical and scientific collaboration with Cuba.”..

…Supervisor Hillary Ronen [red-circled in photo above], who sponsored the July 21 resolution, told 48Hills that Cuba’s sophisticated pharmaceutical industry has developed important drugs that should be available in the US.

Cuba is among the top countries that found effective treatments for Ebola and Swine Flu,” she said. “Limiting cooperation with [Cuba] makes no sense.”

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1 thought on “Surprise! San Francisco lawmakers call for Cuban involvement in U.S. coronavirus plague crisis”

  1. I hope, for their sake, they’re just idiots who have no clue how ludicrous this is, but I’m pretty sure they’re worse. And of course, they’d never even consider listening to “those people.” Cretins.

    As for Ronen, I expect she’s as much of an airhead as she looks to be.

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