Supporters of Cuba’s murderous communist dictatorship find kinship with BLM organization

The Marxist principles espoused by the Black Lives Matter organization has Americans who support Cuba’s brutally repressive and murderous Castro dictatorship feeling right at home. In addition to the communist rhetoric, the BLM group uses the same buzzwords, providing a familiar environment for those who defend Cuba’s vile regime.

It seems supporting the defunding of police, erasing American history, and dismantling our democracy goes hand-in-hand with supporting Cuba’s tyrannical socialist regime, as this Times Union report with the headline, “Supporters of Cuba and Black Lives Matter find common ground,” explains:

Saying that racism and imperialism are two sides of the same political coin, a  group of activists gathered Saturday to call for unity between the Black Lives Matters movement and Cuba, which has been under a U.S. trade embargo for more than six decades due to its Marxist government.

“This horrendous statue behind us reminds us of the arrogance of empire,” said Jose Rossy-Millan, of the Albany Cuba Solidarity group.

He was referring to the statue at Albany’s Townsend Park commemorating the 1898 Spanish American War which resulted in an independent Cuba. He added that activists like himself often refer to the park as “Imperialism Park.”


A native Puerto Rican who works as a psychologist in Schenectady, Rossy-Milan said he thought this was a good time to work on building ties between Black Lives Matter and Cuban supporters. The racism afflicting the U.S. and the embargo both stem from what he believes is the U.S.’s imperialist tendencies.

“One of the tactics of empire is to dehumanize those that it wants to oppress,” he told the crowd of about 150 people who had gathered by the Townsend Park statue to hear several speakers and listen to conga drumming.

One of the goals, said Rossy-Millan, was to end the embargo and travel restrictions which makes it difficult for Americans to visit Cuba.

As many Cuban Americans can attest, we’ve seen this movie before.

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  1. Oh, these people are not supporting Cuba. They’re supporting a totalitarian dystopia which goes by the name of Cuba, but the real Cuba ceased to exist long ago. Let’s get our facts straight.

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