Despite chronic shortages in socialist Cuba, Castro regime unveils fully-stocked ‘dollars only’ stores

While Cubans were suffering through widespread shortages, it appears the Castro dictatorship was hoarding food and basic products to sell them in their new “dollars only” stores. This is what “social justice” and “equality” look like in socialist Cuba.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuban government publishes list of products for sale in its ‘dollars only’ stores

The Cuban government has published a list of the products citizens can now purchase in stores that sell in CUC, convertible pesos, after opening new stores stocked with food and basic items that sell only in dollars.

The traditional network of CUC stores will from now on also sell products such as powdered and evaporated milk, cheese, yogurt, ground beef, hamburgers, and ground turkey.

They will also sell chicken, sausages, cold cuts, apples, vegetable oil, pureed tomato, other tomato products, canned meat and fish, pasta, grain, wheat flower, coffee, sugar, and salt.

Among the personal hygiene products offered for purchase in dollars are detergent, soaps, toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, moistened towelettes, shampoo, mops, and toothbrushes.


Several people on social media have complained about the exorbitant prices at the MLC [dollars only] stores. Many of them did not hide their anger over how these previously scarce products seemed to suddenly appear overnight.

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1 thought on “Despite chronic shortages in socialist Cuba, Castro regime unveils fully-stocked ‘dollars only’ stores”

  1. Anyone truly surprised by this is either seriously naive or downright stupid. However, all that matters to Castro, Inc. is that the “diaspora” shell out the money to buy this stuff, and it WILL.

    The message here is crystal-clear: The ‘revolution” doesn’t care about “the people,” only about using them to stay in power. Cubans who can’t procure ca$h are simply of no concern.

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