VP hopeful Rep. Karen Bass feebly walks back prior reverential words for Cuba’s dictator Fidel Castro

If Rep. Karen Bass wants to be Joe Biden’s running mate, she’s going to have say a little bit more than “oops” in response to her prior reverence for murderous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus seemed deeply saddened on the day Fidel Castro died, but not very concerned or saddened by the millions of Cubans who have suffered under the Castro dictatorship.

But Florida is a must-win state, so Bass attempted to walk back her reverence for the vile socialist dictator, but all she managed was a feeble and equivocal excuse (via Politico):

Rep. Karen Bass on Sunday walked back a years-old characterization of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, seemingly seeking to defuse an escalating controversy as the California congresswoman contends for a spot on the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket.

In an interview on MSNBC, the five-term House lawmaker and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus addressed her decision to describe Castro as “Comandante en Jefe” in a statement she issued marking his death in 2016.

The Spanish phrase, which translates in English to commander in chief, has been criticized as unduly deferential to the communist strongman who presided over various human rights abuses.

“I have talked to my colleagues in the House about that, and it’s certainly something that I would not say again,” Bass said. “I have always supported the Cuban people, and the relationship that Barack Obama and Biden had in their administration in terms of opening up relations.”

Considering Bass’ history and the history of the Congressional Black Caucus with its support of Cuba’s dictatorship, it’s going to take a lot more than a lame retraction.

3 thoughts on “VP hopeful Rep. Karen Bass feebly walks back prior reverential words for Cuba’s dictator Fidel Castro”

  1. If she had supported the Cuban people, she would have not only refrained from ever saying anything at all favorable to “El Comandante,” but she would have condemned his totalitarian tyranny unequivocally. This “walk-back” could hardly be weaker or more lame, and it is no apology. It is an insult to our intelligence.

    What she is actually saying is that she would not be stupid enough to be overtly pro-Castro NOW, for obvious political reasons, but she is definitely NOT saying a single word against Castro, Inc. and IS advocating a return to “normalization.” In other words, what she’s telling “those people” is FUCK YOU.

    Only an idiot would believe even a much better “retraction” or “apology” from her now, given the blatant stench of expediency and disingenuousness. No matter what she might say now to get what she wants, you’d better believe it wouldn’t hold up if she managed to get it–same as what happened with Obama.

  2. If prominent black Americans like Bass simply ignored Cuba altogether, I could understand that, meaning I would not expect them to go out of their way to help Cuba. It’s not as if they’re even supposed to be our “brothers” like the Latrines. The problem is that they DO go out of their way, and have consistently done so, but on behalf and in support of the Castro “revolution” which has destroyed Cuba and enslaved Cubans.

    Nobody who does that deserves anything better from us than contempt and rejection, and I don’t care if it’s Mandela or a Nobel Prize winner or the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church. NOBODY.

  3. Considering how much is at stake for her, if this is all Bass is willing to yield, we could be dealing with a “true believer” along the lines of Ana Belén Montes–and yes, Bass could conceivably be a Castro plant in Congress, like Belén Montes was in the Pentagon. Talk about stench.

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