Cuba creates new militia squads to deal with ‘social indiscipline’ and ‘the scourge of the queue people’

From our Bureau of Highly Creative Socialist Repression

This is not a joke. No. It’s for real. It’s “the scourge of the coleros” (queue-people).

Cubans who don’t belong to the ruling oligarchy need to stand in line for hours nowadays just to obtain the basic necessities of life. It’s the new normal, thanks to the plague, the collapse of Venezuela and the sudden death of the apartheid tourism racket..

But the government wants Cubans to believe that the shortages are caused by “hoarders” who resell what they buy at a higher price, out of selfishness and “social indiscipline.” This is exactly the same lame excuse that’s been used for shortages in Venezuela for many years, ever since their economy began to collapse under Hugo Chavez.

So, now Castro, Inc. has deputized thugs to harass people waiting in line, not allowinganyone other than the person who began to stand in line — probably at dawn — to receive the meager rations being distributed at sunset. This means no one can replace you temporarily, even in an emergency.

In addition to all this, Castro, Inc. must assert its thuggish power and keep Cubans as harassed as possible, lest they get too uppity.

Even before these queuebuster squads were formed, over 1,000 Cubans were arrested in Havana for “social indiscipline” while queuing up for food.

You’ve got to laugh out loud at the Castronoid terminology: “social indiscipline” …. “the scourge of the coleros”…

Castro, Inc. boasts that these queuebuster thugs have received special training on how not to become corrupt. Ha. Good luck with that. And, apparently, the squads are drawn from the same pool of sociopathic miscreants who take part in Acts of Repudiation.

Yeah. Social justice! Wipe out “social indiscipline“! Remember Bernie’s Law: “Breadlines are good!”

When the food is scarce in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Queuebusters!

If there’s little food, and the queues are long, who you gonna call? Queuebusters!

Loosely translated and slightly abridged from CiberCuba

The ruling Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in Holguín has found a solution to end reselling, hoarding, rising prices, and shortages of basic products that plague the province (and the rest of the country). The experiment has been presented this Saturday in different parts of the territory, where graduation events have been held for those responsible for carrying out the ‘Operation to Confront the Conducts of “Coleros” (people who queue up for goods) and Resellers’.

This type of anticolero (queue-busting) militia is made up of cadres from the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) the Cuban Workers’ Central, agents of the National Revolutionary Police, the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution and the Federation of Cuban Women. Together they will control the queues in 120 commercial units and markets located in the 14 municipalities of Holguín, as reported by the local newspaper Ahora.

The head of the anticolero groups, Juan Miguel Morán, coordinator of Defense Programs and Objectives in the provincial government, in a harangue to the newly-commissioned agents marked the key objectives of this ‘shock operation’: to organize queues in order of arrival, to eliminate lists and shifts and control that purchases are made in person. In this way it warns that they will blast away at those who have made reselling a way of life.

The members of these anticolero militias in Holguín have received special training to combat “the scourge of the coleros”, without becoming contaminated in the attempt. And to be taken seriously, its members honorably received the Cuban flag and a spokesman said on behalf of everyone that their mission is “to protect the population.”

The new Holguín militias join the offensive that the Police carried out in July in Havana, where more than a thousand colleagues have been detained.

The anticolero squads that have just formed in Holguín join other initiatives spread throughout the Island to control queues such as the ‘Amarillos’ that proliferated in the 1990s to alleviate the public transport crisis during the Special Period.

It is not the first time that the Communist Party organizes this type of paramilitary groups to control what they call “social indiscipline”. Such initiatives include, for example, Rapid Response Brigades.

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  1. It would be funny if it weren’t so deeply dysfunctional, dystopian and disgraceful. Gracias, Fidel.

    But hey, there’s a way around this: get the “diaspora” to send real money to buy at dollar stores. Problem solved.

  2. And, needless to say, this sort of situation breeds and promotes chusma behavior, even though that became “normalized” in Cuba long ago, as it is perfectly in keeping with and useful to Castro, Inc.

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