Florida Democrats cringe at possibility Cuban dictatorship supporter Karen Bass may be Biden’s VP pick

Do the Democrats want to lose Florida? Because it sure looks to me like the Democrats want to lose Florida.

Via The Hill:

The suggestion that Bass harbored some degree of past sympathy for the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro has caused consternation among Democrats in Florida.

They worry that selecting Bass could seriously endanger Biden’s chances in the largest of the battleground states. The stakes could hardly be higher, they warn.

Picking Bass “violates the central tenet of a vice presidential selection, which is ‘Do no harm,’” according to Florida-based pollster and Democratic strategist Fernand Amandi.

“It does not just do harm — it would very well be something that sabotages the prospects of carrying the nation’s biggest swing state in an election that must be won for the future of the republic,” he added.


Regarding her trips to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade, Bass said that she may have been a bit naive “as any 19-year-old would be” but that she was interested in “bridging the divide between our two countries.”

But one Cuban American activist in Florida, who asked to remain anonymous, complained that Bass’s performance did not resolve the problem.

“It was cringeworthy,” the activist said. “She kept putting her foot in the mouth. She kept going, and it kept getting worse.”

The Biden campaign would be best served if it listened to its own folks down in Florida and avoided picking a supporter of Cuba’s murderous Castro dictatorship for the VP slot.

1 thought on “Florida Democrats cringe at possibility Cuban dictatorship supporter Karen Bass may be Biden’s VP pick”

  1. “Some” degree of “past” sympathy. She “may” have been “a bit naive.” Really? You don’t say–or you’d better not say it to me or any Cuban with half a brain, because the more you insult my intelligence, the angrier I get. It’s incredible these folks would even imagine such pathetically weak and lame disclaimers would fly. They might as well say she “misspoke,” only we’re not just talking about what she said, but what she did.

    It’s not that her rivals are at all desirable, but they’re not as unbearably pestilent on Cuba. Dump her.

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