Question of the day: Why is South Africa sending millions in aid to Cuba?

Gifts for an old Soviet surrogate

From our Bureau of Eternal Bondage with help from our Romances From Hell Bureau and our brand new Squeezing Blood From Stones Desk

Ever since Fidel Castro sent young Cubans –mostly black — to serve as the Soviet Union’s proxy army in Africa, a very irrational bond has kept South Africa closely tied to Castrogonia.

Here is the latest chapter in this romance novel. Food and medical supplies have been sent to Castrogonia while destitute South Africans keep waiting for their government to help them.

No specific amount of money is mentioned, only “tens of millions” of Rands. Ten million Rands equals about a half million dollars, so this is a multi-million dollar gift.

Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end….

From City Press

At a pivotal juncture in the country’s fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus, when the rate of infections is almost at a peak and healthcare workers’ cries for adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) are falling on deaf ears, it has emerged that South Africa made generous donations of “medical material supplies” worth tens of millions of rands to the Cuban government.

The ANC-led government, whose response to the pandemic has been hampered by rampant allegations of mass looting of Covid-19 relief funds, has been publicly thanked by the Caribbean island country for making not one but two donations of medical materials and food supplies.

While the initial donations went by virtually unacknowledged, the Cuban embassy was the first to publicly acknowledge the latest donations, taking to its website and social media platforms last month and thanking the South African government for making a generous donation to its people.

What remains unclear is who made such a sizable donation during such a time when South Africa is borrowing funds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and other lenders to adequately respond to the fight against the pandemic.The handing over of the consignment was overseen by ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule, a contradiction if the donation was really made by the government.

Eyebrows have been raised regarding the handing over of the donation.

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  1. Why? For more or less the same reason ruined Venezuela keeps feeding the Castro parasite. It hardly takes a genius to figure out that Cuba’s role in Africa was VERY simple: to do what the Soviets wanted done for the benefit of the Soviets, NOT the benefit of any Africans unless that happened to coincide with Soviet interests. If Mandela truly believed Fidel Castro was acting on any other basis than doing the Soviets’ bidding, then Mandela was a fool, not to say an idiot.

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