Horrific unsanitary conditions at COVID-19 isolation center in socialist Cuba

This is what socialist Cuba’s highly-touted healthcare system looks like in real life. This is socialism in action.

Via ADNCuba (my translation):

Cuban woman at an isolation center: ‘this is disgusting and revolting’

“Take a look at this, folks,’ says Cuban Yenisleidys Reyes on Facebook where she shares photos of dirty food trays piled up on the floor as well as a tray of food with a small portion of split peas, rice, a low quality and low protein meat patty that in Cuba they call a “hamburger,” and a piece of bread and masarreal.

“I’m at an isolation center in Casa Blanca,” says Reyes. She explains the center is part of the Havana healthcare network and is behind the Naval hospital, adding a sad emoji.

She has been waiting since early yesterday morning to be administered a coronavirus test.

“I hope it comes back negative,” she says. She also doesn’t believe there’s been negligence in her case, but that is not what she wanted to denounce.

“Well, here I am, feeling lonely and very sad.” The women’s feelings are not precisely related to the virus itself, but with the hygiene and food since it’s a highly contagious virus that requires good hygiene habits and measures.

“Now look at this, where patients eat and have lunch every day, this is disgusting and revolting, and I’m being kind.”

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