An exiled Spanish king and the attempt to transform Spain into Cuba-Venezuela

Spanish socialists are not just working to destroy the monarchy, they are also working to destroy freedom and transform Spain into a socialist, Castro-Chavista totalitarian state.

Juan Abreu explains in Emanaciones (my translation):

I return from Malaga (and Cordoba) to find a king exiled by the maneuvering of the PSOE-Castro-Chavista coalition and another king, the son of the one exiled, knocked out and unable to grapple with the anti-monarchy conspiracy attempting to impose a Castro-Chavista republic on the Spanish people. You saw it coming, but the process was slowed thanks to the Chinese virus, a communist virus that couldn’t be stopped. On the other hand, the most prominent racist, anti-Spanish, and traitorous tribes from Basque and Catalan are taking advantage of the situation to further dismember Spain and override and corner free and equal Spanish citizens, the only citizens there are in Spain.

I return and I am above all appalled over the cowardice of Borbón Spain’s king and by the cowardice of the Spanish in general. What are they waiting for to rise up? Are they waiting for the ration books and the CDRs (Committee for the Defense of the Revolution)? I warn you that by then it will be too late. While I unpack my luggage and immerse myself in happiness to see my dogs, I ask myself: Could it be that this nation has lost all shame? Have the citizens of Spain (the only nation that exists in Spain) lost all shame and love for liberty?

Oh, and another thing. No one should think that the war against the Spanish monarchy and democracy is being led by the Castro-Chavistas. The war is being led by Sanchez. Sanchez is the biggest traitor of them all.

3 thoughts on “An exiled Spanish king and the attempt to transform Spain into Cuba-Venezuela”

  1. While I agree with Abreu, the former king is definitely not trigo limpio, which makes him an easy target. I’m not just talking about his long history of playing footsie with Fidel Castro, which the current Spanish government wouldn’t mind at all, but about an apparently long history of corruption or at least unethical and highly questionable conduct. As for the son, I’ve never thought he had the right stuff, otherwise he wouldn’t have fallen for and under the Letizia witch.

  2. Maybe Franco made a big mistake restoring the monarchy before his death (a promise he made in 1947) and making a fool such as Juan Carlos his successor in 1975 – who would then lead the Spanish transition to democracy.

    Soon after, Juan Carlos let go of his autocratic powers under the claim that he was helping guide the country towards democracy, becoming a historical oddity: The rare person in power who wanted less of it.

    Of course, a man with such indifference and ineptitude in the name of “democracy” is what the modern world calls “hero”, when in fact there is nothing heroic about such a clueless and indifferent simpleton.

    Without getting into a long historical analysis, I’ll just point out that General Francisco Franco may have brilliantly played his cards to save Spain from a communist nightmare; however, large part of Spain is still longing for such nightmare to one degree or another and, given their behavior, they deserve to have their wish granted.

  3. Juan Carlos wanted to live like a king and enjoy all the associated perks, but we’re basically talking self-indulgent bon vivant. The son is more of a comemierda who’s under the thumb of his nasty witch of a wife, and I doubt he’s up to the task of dealing with the treacherous SOBs now in power. And yes, a great many Spaniards are very seriously shitty people who are practically begging for a disaster. Alas, that may well be one big reason Cubans got their disaster, because of their Spanish ancestry.

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