Cuban colony of Venezuela relies on barbaric punishments to control coronavirus plague

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Here ya go, Mildred…

How’s this for plague control? Beat up people with baseball bats, force them to perform slave labor, or make them bake in the hot tropical sun for hours.

See, Mildred, I told you: socialism is the solution for all the ills that plague the human race.

Yes, and Cuba and Venezuela prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt…especially because those hot-blooded irrational Latinx savages are so hard to control.

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Security forces are punishing some Venezuelans who violate anti-coronavirus measures with physical exercise, sitting under the sun and even beating, witnesses and rights groups say.

Roberto Vargas was heading to buy flour with his children in Caracas on Thursday when he lowered his face mask to wipe sweat from his face, he said. A National Guard officer noticed and ordered him to spend 50 minutes sat on the roadside with several dozen others, the builder recounted.

“This is madness,” he told Reuters in the Caracas slum of Petare, just after completing his penalty.

Local rights groups say authorities are handing out such punishments around the country for infractions ranging from not queuing correctly for groceries to disobeying curfews.

One group, Provea, on July 31 posted a video on Twitter apparently showing a soldier in western Tachira state ordering three young men to do pushups while saying “I should not be in the street.”

In some cases, security forces have used violence as a form of discipline, Provea says. On July 22, it posted another video on Twitter, which had been circulating on social media, saying it showed three men being hit on their legs with a baseball bat for breaking coronavirus measures.

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  1. So intsead of “nasobuco” they use “tapaboca” rather than mascarilla for face mask. The same crude stupidity, only possibly more primitive than that of the Castronoids. Pathetic.

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