Can any Cuban use ‘Latinx’ without laughing or vomiting or flying into a fit of uncontrollable rage?

From our Ministry of Thought and Speech Control Bureau with assistance from our resident linguist Don Iñaki Nodigaseso y Vetepalcarajo

For the past two years or so, Awokenoid warriors have been trying to foist a new identity label on folks who hail from south of the U.S. Border.

Their chief assumption is that all of us who speak Spanish are the same, and that we are therefore a race.

And that assumption alone proves that they don’t know Cubans.

As always, bigotry and condescension drive their efforts, although they will never admit it to themselves. Their uncontrollable obsession with identity also drives their efforts to herd all “peoples of colour” into ideological concentration camps, where they are taught to recognize that class conflict is the ultimate reality, and that none of them can ever be considered “white”, even if they have blonde hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

Not content with simply telling “people of colour” what to think about themselves, Awokenoids have also launched an aggressive campaign to colonize their language and make it fit Awokenoid ideology and weltanschaung.

So, they’ve come up with “Latinx”, which is supposed to take into consideration folks who refuse to identify as either male or female. Simply put, Awokenoids have taken it upon themselves to correct the Spanish language, which commits the unforgivable sin of having gendered nouns.

All this in the name of Inclusiveness, one of the chief gods in their conceptual pantheon.

Well, guess what? After several years of trying to deconstruct and mangle the Spanish language, only a measly three percent of the people they call “Latinx” use the term. And only 23 percent have ever heard of the term. Check out the statistics HERE, in the latest poll taken by the Pew Research Center.

Ha. Score one for the noble savages!

Oh, but this is just the beginning of what promises to be a long and nasty war…. The fury of Awokenoid warriors knows no boundaries, as clearly reflected in their war cry, “Resistance Is Futile!”

So what if they stole that war cry from Star Trek Next Generation? In the Awokened universe there is no stealing because everything belongs to the Awokened (as expressed by a looting chieftain in Chicago a couple of nights ago).

Yes, the Awokened ARE Borg, and this is what they like to say to all who are inferior to them, especially “people of colour” who speak Spanish or have Spanish surnames:


5 thoughts on “Can any Cuban use ‘Latinx’ without laughing or vomiting or flying into a fit of uncontrollable rage?”

  1. However, to answer the title question, you bet there are Cuban(oid)s who’ll buy into this BS. It never fails to amaze me how they can have so little dignity and self-respect, but I guess that’s beside the point–what they want is to be “in” with a certain crowd via whatever it takes.

    Let’s face it, fashion victimhood is a very serious problem that’s only getting worse. Thank goodness that has always repelled me, but I’m not exactly normal in that respect.

  2. Like Asombra said, they lost me with “Latino,” actually, let me go back further, they lost me with “Hispanic,” let alone this Latinx BS! I’m Cuban, PERIOD. I’m not going to play into the hands of the chicanos who were instrumental in having all Spanish speaking people corralled together as one people, so that they could clean their image. You see, chicanos were angry that any time a chicano committed a crime, the newspapers would identify him as a Mexican-American. So what did they do? A Mexican American congressman successfully legislated that the Census Department group all Spanish speakers together as Hispanics. Henceforth we were no longer Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Chileans, Argentines, Dominicans, etc…. This cleansed the image of chicanos as the expense of everyone else, because the newspapers would then no longer identify the criminals in their communities as Mexicans, but rather as Hispanics. Not satisfied with the term Hispanics, chicanos then coined the neologism “Latino” which included all Latin Americans but not Spaniards. Radical chicanos have a never-ending seething hatred of Spain. Of course, the original and correct definition of “Latino” includes Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, French, Romanians, etc… NOT the chicano coined usage which essentially means only Latin Americans all of whom are said to me non-white even if their DNA is 100% Euro.

    Let me add, by putting everyone under the term Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, this also gave chicanos more political power, because their organizations like LULAC, MALDEF and National Council of la Raza could then claim to speak for all of us.

    Here is a very interesting podcast that talks about the origin of the word “Latino” as we now know it:

  3. Isn’t it curious that “confused” Biden – as in a stopped watch is correct twice a day – got something correct by accident?
    He went on and on about how there are many kinds of Hispanics.
    ‘He didn’t talk about all people of Hispanic origin being alike – and then he had to go and spoil all by saying something stupid like all blacks are alike or something.

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