‘Killing my Cuba’: Cuban American writes novel about her childhood in Cuba before and after Castro

Cuban American Lilli Meier, along with her husband Lou, have published a historical fiction novel based on her childhood in Cuba before and after the arrival of Fidel Castro. The book, titled Killing my Cuba, is based on her own experiences and follows the middle-class Barreras family as they navigate the turmoil of the Batista regime and the rise of the Castro dictatorship.

One of Lilli’s inspirations for writing the book is she fears the younger generations may never know what Cuba was all about before the Castro dictatorship and what was behind the mass exodus that led many Cubans to risk their lives to escape socialist tyranny.

Via Forsyth County News:

A local woman has recently published a historical fiction book based on her experience of growing up in Cuba under a repressive government. 

Local resident Lilli Meier was born in Havana, Cuba, and lived there until she was 11 and a half, from 1949 to 1961. And with the help of her husband, Lou, she has recently finished writing and published a book, “Killing My Cuba,” based on her own and her family’s experience during that time. 


“I really did it because I felt like after living here in the U.S. for so many years, I didn’t want to forget those memories of Cuba,” Meier said. “I had a lot that I remembered; we actually escaped the country and had to leave.”

“Killing My Cuba” is a historical fiction novel based on Meier’s own memories and those of her father. 

“I had conversations with my father later on growing up, he was a doctor in Havana so my husband who is a radiologist helped me to write some of the medical parts of the book,” Meier said. “But the fiction part of the novel is for the sake of entertainment, and the historical part is factual based on my growing up there and my father’s memories.” 

You can visit the book’s website HERE, or order your copy from Amazon HERE.