Queue-Buster update: Cuba’s socialist government tracks every purchase made by citizens through their identity cards

Coleros under surveilance

From our George Orwell Bureau of Big Brother Made Real

Big Brother is watching, for sure. And if you buy more than has been allotted to you, look out, Mami, you”ll end up in the hoosegow.

This is Socialist Paradise, Awokenoid Utopia, and look out America, this could end up becoming your hellish reality too….

From 14 y Medio

One of the main tools of what the authorities have called “Operation to fight against coleros”, launched on August 2, is Portero, an application created at the University of Computer Sciences that records what day a customer went to a store and indicates if it behaves like a reseller. It is a “queue organizer” that reads the QR code on identity cards. The app stores the information in a database that is used to sort the queue, but it also goes directly to the Ministry of the Interior and gives access to the private data of citizens.

Not only are coleros targeted by the State. The League of Independent Peasants of Cuba denounces that there is permanent harassment and surveillance against them, and has sent a letter together with the Latin American Federation of Rural Women to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, urging it to intervene to prevent “the famine that looms on the Cuban horizon.”

This Friday, for the first time in more than a week, the authorities reported one death from covid-19, bringing the death toll to 89. The week started with a record of 93 positive cases registered in one day and the resurgence of measures to combat new outbreaks, especially in Havana, Artemisa, Camajuaní and Pinar del Río.

And like every August 13, a script that is repeated, Reinaldo Escobar recalls : photos, headlines and slogans praising the figure of Fidel Castro for the anniversary of his birth. This time, the propaganda about a supposed early vaccine for the covid-19 is added. Thus, the students of the Faculty of Communication of the University of Havana were mobilized to praise these “two legs of the same table” on social networks.

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