Jimmy Carter (Fidel Castro’s “old friend”) sure seems a brilliant judge of “character, decency, honesty, integrity” and of those “WHO WANT WHAT’S BEST FOR AMERICA”

“Joe has the experience, character, and decency to bring us together and restore America’s greatness. We deserve a person with integrity and judgment, someone who is honest and fair, someone who is committed to what is best for the American people.

Joe is that kind of leader, and he is the right person for this moment in our nation’s history. He understands that honesty and dignity are essential traits that determine not only our vision but our actions. More than ever, that’s what we need.” (Jimmy Carter , Dem. Nat. Convention)

Important note: None of the Carter-Castro love-fest incidents shown above involved “official diplomatic events” where a U.S. official hob-knobbing with a despot, crook, or mass-murderer is often unavoidable, as he works for his nation’s interest. (So kindly stifle the “Trump with Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping, Putin comparison/idiocy.) Instead the above were all private trips by Carter to hob-knob his with “friend” terror-sponsoring Fidel Castro, whose lifelong craving was the destruction of the U.S.


3 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter (Fidel Castro’s “old friend”) sure seems a brilliant judge of “character, decency, honesty, integrity” and of those “WHO WANT WHAT’S BEST FOR AMERICA””

  1. Perhaps Carter is senile himself, but if he’s fully lucid and still said such an enormity, as in enormous LIE, his entire “Christian” persona has been a contemptible and miserable sham.

    A classic example of a whitened sepulcher.

    Get thee behind me, Satan.

  2. And is it me, or does Carter look like a geriatric Barney Fife? Oh, yeah, he’s credible, alright.

    I think part of Carter’s “problem” is that he should never have gone beyond his native Deep South, hyper-Baptist milieu, and he sure as hell didn’t travel well. Of course, he was nothing if not ambitious, not to mention fatally self-righteous, and when he got power he used it predictably.

  3. The worst thing about Carter’s failed and pathetic one-term presidency is the fact that the title of “President” validated him for decades to come.

    Since that inauguration in 1977, the world has had to endure 43 years or utter idiocy from a former president who is, in essence, a glorified imbecile. And, of course, by being a leftist the much discredited Noble Peace Prize was practically warrantied.

    Then again, the law of unintended consequences is among the most potent laws in existence. Ronald Reagan, for instance, should have publicly thank Carter and all his voters for his subsequent presidency.

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