Outraged Cubans protest when store closes after waiting hours in line for chicken

The situation in socialist Cuba continues to worsen as a rare protest erupts outside a government office after a store closes where Cubans had waited in line for hours for some chicken.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Outraged Cubans who stood in line for chicken end up protesting outside a government office

A large group of residents of the Holguin town of Mayari carried out a protest outside a government office on Friday after employees at a store where they had stood in line for hours to buy chicken told them they were closing down.

The incident took place at Tiendas Variadas, one of the stores from the Caribe chain. Throughout the entire day, a large number of people were waiting their turn to enter the establishment, which only had one checkout counter. The crowd outside the store was so large that vehicle traffic on Cespedes Street had to be shut down.

According to Diario de Cuba, a self-employed individual who was there began complaining about the long wait, but things really got out of hand when store employees announced to the crowd the store would be closing at its usual time of 5:00 PM.

“The entire crowd began to murmur and you could hear several people begin to shout, complaining about what was happening and inciting the crowd to do something. Because in reality few people were able to buy anything because of the slow pace and the majority was going to be left without anything after sacrificing an entire day under a hot sun,” he said.

“The police could only stand there and watch as the people began to get anxious over the news. And then suddenly someone yelled: ‘Let’s go to the People’s Power or the Party,’ and from one moment to the next, the people standing in line began moving towards the government office to protest. It was a large group,” he added.

According to the witness, when the crowd arrived at the offices, they began yelling for the officials to come out and answer them, and immediately thereafter State Security agents arrived.

The protesters ended up achieving their objective: the sale of chicken was extend for another three hours, which required them to open more checkout counters inside the store. Moreover, they brought in digital scales and tents from other stores, which many opine should have done from the beginning.

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  1. If there’s no chicken, let them eat dogs and cats. They do that in other countries, don’t they? Move along.

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