Bolivian socialist ally of Cuba’s Castro dictatorship accused of pedophilia and human trafficking

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Shocking! What a surprise!

Bolivian ex-dictator Evo Morales has been accused of sexual abuse, pedophilia and human trafficking.

According to some people who claim to have been involved in these sordid — and extremely Latrine — dealings, the Bolivian tyrant used police and members of his Socialist Party to help him create a harem of teenage girls.

Vamos bien! Jeffrey Epstein and Muammar Gaddafi, eat your hearts out in Hell !

If this disturbs you, dear Babalu reader, just keep repeating this mantra until you calm down: “social justice, social justice, social justice, social justice, social justice”…..and if that one doesn’t work, try this one: “no justice, no peace; no justice, no peace; no justince, no peace….”

From PanAm Post:.

The complaint against the former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, for a case of pedophilia is only the tip of the iceberg. This scandal has uncovered what appears to be repeated behavior involving more than one minor. New pieces of the puzzle point to an alleged human trafficking network linked to his political party. This is how the former president has been choosing his “harem” of minors, according to El Diario.

In statements to the Bolivian publication, Paola Barriga, lawyer of the mother of one of the alleged victims, assured that there is evidence linking the Movement to Socialism (MAS) with a human trafficking scandal known as the Katanas case.

It is about the confession of two policemen sentenced for this scandal and the denunciations of mothers of minors who have had relations with Evo Morales. The accusations point to a former minister and a deputy of the MAS.

“Once again, the names of former MAS authorities are mentioned, the same ones that were mentioned in the Katanas case. It draws attention because everything is beginning to be re-articulated, and we can understand that evidently, these people who were recruiting these young women for Evo Morales, were responsible for the crime of trafficking. The police officers sentenced in the Katanas case indicated that they were working with an ex-minister and a MAS deputy. These mothers also point to the same authorities.”…

…Lawyer Paola Barriga explained that these police officers were in charge of receiving young women, who came from other departments and from abroad to supposedly work as models and promoters, at the airport in La Paz. They were offered to earn up to 3,000 USD. It was all fake. Barriga claims that the police officers held their documents and took them to a place where they “tortured and raped them.”

According to the lawyer, her client was forced to hand over her 13-year-old daughter at a meeting. “She comments that the mothers had to take their daughters between the ages of 12 and 15 to the meetings, they were obliged to take them so that he (Evo Morales) would choose them as part of a harem.”

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  1. So? Nicaragua’s Ortega sexually abused his minor stepdaughter, which apparently didn’t bother her mother much, and it certainly has been no real problem for the usual suspects. Why would this be different?

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