Cuban dissident rapper sews mouth shut in protest of harassment by Castro State Security

For years now, Cuban State Security has been cracking down on the island’s independent artists who do not toe the communist party line. This has led many of them to desperate acts of protest. For Cuban dissident rapper Maykel Osorbo, sewing his mouth shut is one of the only ways he has left to protest the repressive socialist dictatorship.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Maykel Osorbo sews his mouth shut in protest of harassment by the regime

At this moment the rapper is being held at the Cuba and Chacon Unit under orders of the Cuban regime, although he has not been told why

Cuban rapper Maykel Castillo Perez, known as Maykel Osorbo, sewed his mouth shut on Thursday as a form of protest because of the harassment he is being subjected to by the communist regime’s authorities in Havana, the artist himself said on his Facebook page.

Known for his opposition to the Cuban tyranny, the rapper confirmed that he has not committed any crime, yet the political police harasses him daily and in fact have raided his home “and nothing comes of it.”

“I have not committed any crime! They harass me daily, they have raided my home and nothing comes of it. I’m going to go by myself to the summons. I am Maykel Castillo Perez, I’m not a delinquent. I demand respect for me and for the artists of the San Isidro Movement,” he wrote on social media along with the images of when he sewed his mouth shut.

On Wednesday, Maykel Osorbo reported that the regime had given him a summons to appear before the Cuba and Chacon Unit and he had no idea what the reason for it was. “Share this in case anything happens!”

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  1. Isn’t it, uh, remarkable, how official government oppression of people of color and repeated violation of their human rights in Cuba simply does NOT matter? Can you imagine if a black American did this here as a protest? Fascinating, isn’t it? Cuba must be some parallel universe where the rules are VERY different.

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