Tony Montana–meet Kyle Rittenhouse! (“Hey commies! Say hello to MY LITTLE FRIEND! When you f*ck with RITTENHOUSE you f*cking with the BEST! (Like Tony Montana, Kyle was greatly outnumbered, but he gave ’em HELL–and in (apparent) SELF-DEFENSE!)

“An armed leftist who was part of a mob that chased down a rifle-toting male on a Kenosha street — and was badly wounded by close-range gunfire — allegedly told a friend he regrets “not killing the kid” accused of shooting him and “emptying the entire mag.”

“It’s absolute 100 percent self-defense, and we’re going to prove it if we have to. “It was legal for him to possess that weapon in Wisconsin. If I was the prosecutor, I would be terrified to take this case to trial. I do not believe that there’s a jury in this country that’s going to look at these facts and is going to find Rittenhouse guilty for murder.””