Miami Herald tosses sports columnist Armando Salguero under the bus for defending America

Armando Salguero

The tire tracks you see on Cuban American sports columnist Armando Salguero’s back are from the bus that ran him over after his employer, the Miami Herald, throw him under it. Salguero had the audacity to go on Twitter and defend America from ahistorical and spurious claims about its founding spouted by former Dolphin and now Titans QB, Ryan Tannehill.

Naturally, the full weight of the Woke Leftist Thought Police fell upon Salguero, as you would expect whenever anyone deviates from their official revisionist history. And piling on right behind them was Salguero’s own Miami Herald, which quickly disavowed him and in no uncertain terms, restated its commitment to follow the Woke Guidelines of Journalism, even if it means throwing one of their own under the bus for using his 1st Amendment right to freely express himself:

Just a few short months ago, another Miami Herald columnist, Fabiola Santiago, was involved in another scandal on Twitter. Back in April, Santiago tweeted how she looked forward to seeing her fellow Floridians who are conservatives get sick and die from coronavirus. It would “work nicely to thin the ranks of Trump/DeSantis/Gimenez supporters in Florida,” she gleefully proclaimed.

What was the Miami Herald’s response to this odious and gruesome wish for death upon millions of Floridians? Nada. Zilch. Nico Jones.

Naturally, this is par for the course when it comes to the Miami Herald. Miami’s hometown newspaper has never hidden its hatred for conservatives and even less so its hatred for Cuban Americans. There’s no doubt the Herald feels it not only scored some points for throwing an unwoke columnist under the bus, but got some bonus points because he was Cuban American.

4 thoughts on “Miami Herald tosses sports columnist Armando Salguero under the bus for defending America”

  1. Well, what can one say about this latest incident? The Miami Herald being beneath contempt is old news.

    And in case it wasn’t already clear, no Cuban with dignity should spend a penny on either Herald. I wouldn’t accept a free subscription to either rag even if every issue came with a box of Godiva chocolates.

  2. As for Santiago, I’ve no doubt she knows all about PC target selection and how the game is played, like all her peers. There are obviously career considerations, even if there should be others. Besides, shit happens–it’s been happening as long as death and even before taxes.

  3. This incident, of course, is simply another example of an established Miami Herald tradition: having, uh, suitable Cubans trash other Cubans, chiefly “those people.” It is a despicable practice and, as I said, beneath contempt. Again, if you’re Cuban, respect yourself and do NOT support or enable either Herald.

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