Castro dictatorship continues to withhold humanitarian aid sent to Cubans from donors in U.S.

Humanitarian aid donated in the U.S. for Cubans continues to be withheld by the Castro regime.

Cuba’s Castro dictatorship, the ideal socialist model of social justice and equity for so many American leftists, continues to show it couldn’t care less about the Cuban people. Much-needed humanitarian aid sent by donors in the U.S. has been sitting in a warehouse for weeks, blocked from distribution by the Castro regime.

Via Church Militant:

Cuban Communists Refuse Christian Humanitarian Aid

The Foundation for Panamerican Democracy, a nonprofit charitable organization that distributes aid in Cuba, has joined human rights icon Rosa María Payá and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez in calling on the communist government of Cuba to release humanitarian aid that churches in the United States have sent to churches on the island.

In addition, the nonprofit has sent a letter to members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to support the release of the aid, which comes during a humanitarian crisis in Cuba. The letter is signed by more than 30 churches, civic organizations and activists based in Cuba and the United States.

The letter said that the Solidarity between Brothers program collected thousands of pounds of shelf-stable food, feminine hygiene, soap and other necessities that were intended for distribution among some 15,000 Cuban families that had managed to register for assistance on the charity’s website, despite interference by the communist government.

“This assistance has been arbitrarily detained by Cuban authorities upon its arrival on the island,” the letter read.

“Cuba is in crisis. The one-party communist regime that exercises centralized control over all aspects of Cuban society has caused a grave humanitarian crisis, while increasing political repression,” the letter declared.

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1 thought on “Castro dictatorship continues to withhold humanitarian aid sent to Cubans from donors in U.S.”

  1. The “revolution” was NEVER about “the people” but about power for the ruling elite, and that still applies.

    Castro, Inc. will ALWAYS put its own interests first, meaning the prime directive trumps all else.

    However, it remains true that everyone involved in sending this aid should have known VERY well that this outcome was HIGHLY likely, if not guaranteed. Yes, it makes Castro, Inc. look bad, but how much worse can it look than it has for ages? This is totally par for the course and business as usual, and EVERYBODY knows that, including the usual suspects (who of course don’t give a shit).

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