Havana lockdown update: 651 Cubans fined for breaking coronavirus curfew

Curfew in Havana

From our Bureau of Irresponsible Noble Savages

Yikes! Imagine being fined 2000 pesos for breaking a curfew.

That amounts to almost two months of income. The average salary in Castrogonia is 1,067 pesos. Some Cubans only earn around 400 pesos a month. Pensioners receive a mere 310 pesos.

Oh, but you know how those Cubans are. So hot-blooded. So impulsive. So irrational, So savage. You know, some of them even lower their facemasks and spit on the street!

This latest exercise in socialist compassion is an effort to keep the plague from spreading in Havana, where infections have skyrocketed.

At the very same time, Castro, Inc. has opened schools so children can receive their indoctrination and opened ten airports for tourists, so they can flock to their apartheid beach resorts.

Yes, stop those savages from going out in Havana. Keep ’em locked up. The capital city and the whole island must be made safe for touriststs! To hell with Cubans. It’s the tourists and their foreign currency that matter the most….

Oh, but brainwashing the young savages is very important too….some day it will be their responsibility to ensure the welfare and happiness of the tourists, and they will most certainly need to be in the right submissive subaltern frame of mind to perform that task.

Curfew enforcers

See some more photos of Havana on lockdown HERE (from Granma UK, The Guardian)

Loosely translated and abridged from CiberCuba

Since the social isolation measures began due to the increase in coronavirus cases in Havana, 651 sanctions have been applied for failing to comply with the established epidemiological control measures.

428 fines of 2000 pesos were applied for not using the nasobuco and 4 for a value of 3000 pesos in institutions that did not enable the footpaths soaked in 0.5% hypochlorite, at the entrance of common areas.

Another 4 people were fined for games on public roads, on the first day of the restrictions.

In this stage of social isolation during the day, older people and children are prohibited from being in parks, sitting down to talk in the street and playing in public spaces.

Since September 1, the government of Havana has prohibited the mobility of people and vehicles between the hours of 7:00 in the afternoon and 5:00 in the morning. Precisely, for driving outside the allowed hours, 11 vehicles have had their plates removed.

Among those fined was rapper Eliéxer Márquez, known as ‘El Funky’, who assured CiberCuba that the police imposed a fine of 2000 pesos on him for lowering his face mask and spitting on the street.

Márquez said that he was walking down Águila Street, lowered his mask to spit and a few moments later an officer approached him and asked for his identity card. Then he took him to the station on Zanja Street where there were more than 50 people for similar reasons.

Suspicious noble savage