Afro-Cuban political prisoner viciously beaten by prison guards

Angel Castro Carrera

You won’t hear a word of condemnation from Black Lives Matter Marxists or “anti-racism” leftists over a black Cuban brutally beaten by a lily-white, socialist dictatorship. Black Cuban lives don’t matter.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Cuban opposition member convicted of ‘disrespect’ is beaten in prison

Angel Castro Carrera, a young Cuban activist recently sentenced to one year in prison for the crime of disrespect, has been beaten up in prison, Radio Television Martí reports.

According to Jose Diaz Silva, leader of the Opposition Movement for a New Republic (MONR), Castro Carrera, who is 24, was beaten by guards at a prison in Havana known as El Vivac after he refused to comply with disciplinary regulations.

“He told me over the phone that he received a brutal beating for refusing to put his hands behind his back and for criticizing the dreadful food being served. They then physically dragged him out of the dining hall to a punishment cell, where he was held for 24 hours,” said Diaz Silva, who has also been a victim of repression against activists and the peaceful opposition by the island’s regime.

Diaz Silva added that the punishment dealt to the young man comes from his intense activism on the streets and that he “has never bowed down to the political police.”

At the moment, Castro Carrera is being kept incommunicado and is awaiting transfer to a penitentiary where he will serve the sentence handed down during a summary trial.

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  1. Of course this black life does not matter. No black dissident matters, not even if he or she is killed by the Castro regime, for a very simple reason: the usual suspects, including the black ones, are FULL OF SHIT.

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