College student gives Biden good advice on Cuba policy

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Seth Rock is a sophomore at Colgate University whose letter to the editor has just been published in El Guolstriyu’nal (Wall Street Journal).

And he knows much, much more than Jar-Jar Biden about Cuba and the negative effects of Obama’s shameful embrace of King Raul.

Thanks, Seth, for your sound advice. Let’s see if Jar-Jar is mentally and morally capable of accepting your wisdom.

From the WSJ:

Regarding Mary Anastasia O’Grady’s “Biden’s Cuba Policy Ignores Reality” (Americas, Aug. 24): President Obama had great hopes that his opening to Cuba, and particularly the increase in tourism, would foster Cuban liberation. Unfortunately, Washington’s concessions had a negligible impact on the repressive nature of the Cuban government.

Little has been written about the lack of religious freedom in today’s Cuba. In December 2019, a 12-year-old Jewish boy was prohibited from entering his school while wearing a kippah. His parents were later summoned to appear at a prosecutor’s office where they were told that their children would be taken away if this activity continued. This disturbing example highlights the regime’s stance on religious freedom.

Former Vice President Biden says that, if elected, he would return to President Obama’s Cuba policy. Mr. Biden should know that concessions to the Cuban regime without conditions maintain the status quo and do little to help the Cuban people. On an issue as important as religious liberty, we should make change a stipulation for renewed talks.

Seth Rock, Houston

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