Cuban dissident: ‘Obama lied to me, he never intended real democracy for Cuba’

Cuban dissident Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas says President Obama lied to him and was never interested in real democracy for Cuba or ending the tyranny of the communist Castro dictatorship.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Coco Fariñas: Obama lied to me, he never intended real democracy for Cuba

An activist and member of the opposition in Cuba Guillermo Fariñas said the former U.S. president Barack Obama lied to him because his strategy or escape to solve the political conflict with the island disavowed the opposition and the exile community. And over time, he saw how it disrespected history and the sacrifices made by Cuban patriots to achieve democracy

He wanted a “Burmese” transition for Cuba, which in reality is not democracy, said Fariñas on September 3rd on the “A Partner for my Business” program by Cuban economist Manuel Milanes and popular humorist Bonco Quiñongo. The program is broadcast live by ADN Cuba every Tuesday.

“In Burma there was a military junta that negotiated with the opposition 50% control of the National Assembly for them and the other 50% for the competition. With just winning one of those seats, the military would have the majority of the assembly,” said the dissident, explaining how a “Burmese” transition would work in Cuba.

The military retains the right to name the ministers of the Interior and Defense, the Attorney General for the republic, the minister for foreign relations, foreign commerce, and other key cabinet posts, he added. Furthermore, he explained how the military junta would be the one making decisions, regardless of how many there are in the opposition, who can run for president of the country.

“From my point of view, and that of many others, that is not democracy,” said the European Parliament’s 2010 winner of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Conscience. “We have not suffered through so many executions, so many imprisoned for so many years, so many beatings, to accept a Burmese transition.”

According to Fariñas, who is called Coco by many, Obama’s proposal for a Burmese transition was shared with 14 members of the opposition and civil society during a meeting they had with the then-president at the U.S. embassy in Havana during his visit to Cuba in 2016.

“A Burmese transition is a betrayal to democracy. That’s exactly what Berta Soler, Antonio Rodiles, and myself told Obama,” said Coco. For him, Obama’s political strategy of a thaw disrespected “the history and the sacrifices of Cuban patriots.” It was a strategy of negotiating with a tyranny so it can maintain large amounts of power disguised as democracy.

According to Coco, the meeting where this proposal was made was filmed, and he’s certain one day it will become declassified. That meeting was the second time he had personally met with former president Obama and to him, provided proof Obama had lied during their first meeting.

Their first meeting took place in December of 2013 at the Miami home of Jorge Mas Santos, where Fariñas, along with Berta Soler, asked the president if he was negotiating with the Cuban government. “He told he wasn’t and I asked him a second question: If you do negotiate with the Cuban government, will you take into consideration the internal opposition and the exile community?”

He answered that he would. However, after reading the book by deceased Cardinal Jaime Ortega, we realized that when I asked him that question, negotiations were already going on through the Vatican and Canada.

3 thoughts on “Cuban dissident: ‘Obama lied to me, he never intended real democracy for Cuba’”

  1. One would hope it has not taken anyone this long to come to such a realization, especially anyone who is Cuban and knows (or certainly should know) the score.

    Of course, a certain Supreme Pontiff, who should have had considerably better-than-average insight into what Obama (or anybody else) was really about, obviously didn’t “get” him–or did but had no problem with becoming an accessory to “normalization” and, in effect, an enabler of evil.

  2. As for the Burmese “transition,” that immediately and inevitably brings up the formerly sacrosanct Aung San Suu Kyi, who got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, though we all know how reliable that is. I expect the fact that her father was a “former” communist and that, if memory serves, she had a photo of “Che” up on her wall were not casual coincidences.

  3. Still, maybe this story should have been “overlooked” for the benefit of the Cubanoids who conspicuously kissed Obama’s ass and went all in for his “normalization.” Or maybe not.

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