No doctors available in ‘medical power’ Cuba to treat woman burned in explosion

Proclaimed a “medical power,” in reality there is a serious doctor shortage in socialist Cuba since the Castro dictatorship ships them out as slave labor to obtain hard currency.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Not one doctor available in Boyeros to treat a Cuban woman burned in an explosion

There was not a single doctor at a Boyeros clinic in Havana to treat a women who received burns on her body and had to walk to the medical center because there are no ambulances.

Zaily Cabrera, the niece of the patient, took to social media to decry that in this “medical power,” there are no health professionals available for the local residents.

“We know we’re facing challenges because of the coronavirus pandemic, but folks, you also have to prioritize the patient that arrives with another illness,” she said.

Cabrera complained that authorities are sending doctors to foreign nations without taking into consideration the medical personnel needs at clinics.

In the comments section of her post, the woman explained that a coffee pot had exploded on her aunt and after the bad experience she had at the clinic, she was taken to the Calixto Garcia Hospital where she’s still waiting to be seen.

“That’s why Cuba moves backwards, Cuba is no medical power, there isn’t a single doctor in the clinics or the hospitals, but there’s plenty of doctors to ship to foreign countries,” said David Toledo in a comment to the post.

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  1. So is she any real use to the “revolution”? Does she bring in hard currency? Is she part of the ruling elite? No? Well, then she doesn’t matter, now does she? I mean, get a clue.

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