Cuban National Revolutionary Police beat up citizens after line for rationed soap devolves into a brawl

Socialism in action: Cubans must not only endure the daily tension of standing in endless lines for rationed food and basic items, they also must endure police beatings when things get out of hand.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

A line in Santiago de las Vegas ends up in a brawl and arrests

A line outside one of the stores in the town of Santiago de las Vegas ended up in a brawl on Saturday with several arrests made.

According to Rosmery Serrano, a member of the town’s official Facebook group, the line at the store, which was selling shampoo, conditioner, and toilet paper, began at 4 AM and grew quickly thereafter. Witnesses say people were selling their spots in the line and reselling products, which provoked arguments.

Nevertheless, other people who were not even part of the line were also beaten by officers of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR).

“Nothing that happened there was good, the police abuse their power and I know that because a friend of mine who was just passing by and not doing anything got beaten up,” said Adianez Oropesa, Diaz, a member of the Facebook group.

Another member, Esther Fonseca, said, “The coleros [people who sell their spots in a line] have been around forever. It’s just now it creates more conflict because of the shortages and the lack of respect for the people. No one talks about how much it costs the State to transport 50 bottles of shampoo to a town where thousands of people live. I was close by and I saw everything. We’re very ignorant and going around blindfolded. We don’t see what is really happening in Cuba and how they’ve gotten us all to regurgitate that it’s all ‘the fault of the coleros.'”

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  1. Oh, but this is so, you know, primal and earthy and third-world. I mean, it’s so appropriate, no?

    And, of course, nothing like this ever happened before the Castro era. It would have been inconceivable then. If only the usual suspects would deign to do the fucking math.

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