Videos of the Day: The Cuban dictatorship’s violent response to the ‘Sunflower Revolution’ for democracy

Cuba’s courageous democracy activists are mounting a peaceful Revolución de los Girasoles (Sunflower Revolution) to end communist tyranny and repression. As these videos document, the response by the Castro dictatorship to this challenge on their totalitarian grip on power has been severe and violent.

Via Democratic Spaces:

Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara is a young Cuban artist who conveyed in a video his intention to peacefully join the protests in solidarity with the Sunflower Revolution taking place across Cuba on September 8.

As he shows in this video, in Cuba a young person is arrested for simply sitting in a bucket in the street in front of his home displaying a placard that says “Sunflower March.”

The moment when the leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba José Daniel Ferrer García and a leading organizer of the Sunflower Revolution or Revolution de los Girasoles is arbitrarily and violently arrested by State Security along with his wife Nelva Ismarays Orega and his minor son José Daniel Ferrer Cantillo while taking to the streets in peaceful protest under the Sunflower Revolution banner, calling for freedom, democracy and the release of 5 containers of food, medicine and humanitarian aid withheld by the dictatorship in the Port of Mariel.

Based on a report published by the Fundación Panamericana para la Democracia indicates that a total of 21 arbitrary arrests and one Act of Repudiation has been reported in Cuba as of 7 am on Sept 8, 2020 in reprisal for the protests known as the Revolución de los Girasoles, a series of protests called throughout the island to demand democracy, freedom and the release of humanitarian aid withheld by the regime.

The video shared by José Daniel Ferrer documents on video the arrest of Marina Paz Labaceno who broke through the police cordon surrounding the national headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Cuba.

Marina shouted to state security agents, ¨We have defeated you through peaceful resistance and Down with the Castro regime.¨

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  1. None of this matters to the usual suspects, who don’t care about human rights or black lives or any lives as such, but care very much about their sociopolitical agenda. Very old story.

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