Canadian tourist’s health ruined by Havana Syndrome/Sonic Attack after eating a sandwich in Cuba

From our Bureau of Canadian Gluttons for Punishment and our resident chemical weapons specialist, Dr. Facundo Gaseoso y Envenenao, a.k.a. “Doctor DDT”

A Canadian woman who became severely ill after eating a sandwich at a Cuban airport might have shed some light on the mystery of the “sonic attack”* brain injuries sustained by American and Canadian diplomats stationed in Castrogonia. (*Canadians prefer to speak of “Havana Syndrome” rather than “sonic attack”)

As it turns out, her brain damage is nearly identical to that of the diplomats. But in her case, medical experts have concluded that this injury was caused by extreme Organophosphate poisoning.

Organophosphate is used in pesticides and as a nerve agent in chemical weapons.

Canadian doctors have been blaming pesticides for the “Havana Syndrome” for over a year, but this case appears to be the first directly linked to a specific chemical agent.

So… could it be that the American and Canadian diplomats were poisoned? If so, was it intentional, through chemical weapons? Or was it accidental, through pesticides used agains Zika and Dengue, two mosquito-borne diseases prevalent in Castrogonia?

Aaaaah…. the mystery deepens as this possible cause surfaces.

And, as a result, one must ask: if this potent nerve agent was being used around the embassies, were any Cubans harmed too?

Stay tuned. This is likely to get more interesting…

Fumigating Zika & Dengue in Castrogonia

From CTV News:

A newly-published case study describes a sudden, bizarre illness that struck a Canadian woman who experienced neurological issues after a vacation to Cuba, echoing the so-called “Havana syndrome” previously observed in diplomats.

The 69-year-old woman began to develop “generalized weakness, increased sweating, severe nausea, and vomiting” about two hours before her flight took off from the Havana airport.

“In flight, she had lethargy, vomiting, and urinary incontinence,” the report, published in the journal JAMA Neurology on Tuesday, said.

The woman was rushed to the emergency room directly from the airport after arriving back in Canada, “stuporous” and in need of intubation.

She had no drugs in her system, and no known allergies.

A CT scan showed something unusual, however: the globus pallidi, a section of the brain that controls voluntary movement, showed up denser than normal, on both sides of the brain.

In a few hours, she regained consciousness and was able to be extubated. However, she was “disoriented.” Her facial muscles were twitching involuntarily, and she moved jerkily when she attempted to move.

Her eventual diagnosis? Organophosphate poisoning.

Organophosphate poisoning occurs when an individual comes into contact with a toxic amount of organophosphates, which are substances used in insecticides, some medications, and even in nerve agents as a weapon….

…Some of the impairments she was experiencing were “consistent with neurocognitive symptoms previously reported among U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Cuba,” the researchers wrote.

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  1. But remember, the woman is a pure victim, almost a martyr. Not even remotely her fault or responsibility. Cue the violins. Lots of them.

    Needless to say, this will be reported in Canadian media but it will NOT discourage Canadian tourism in Cuba significantly. Cretins.

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