Coast Guard intercepts 5 Cuban refugees clinging to sinking boat off the Florida Keys

Five Cuban refugees clinging to a sinking boat 35 miles off the Florida Keys were intercepted and ostensibly rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard over the weekend.

Via Miami’s Local 10 News:

The U.S. Coast Guard interdicted five Cuban migrants over the weekend who were about 35 miles south of Marathon.

Officials said Coast Guard Sector Key West watchstanders launched two vessels and an airplane to the area Saturday after they were notified about a 6-foot rustic vessel with five people aboard traveling south of Marathon.

Imagine what life under socialism must be like when throwing yourself into the sea in a rickety 6 foot boat to navigate shark-infested waters and battle tropical storms is considered a better choice.

2 thoughts on “Coast Guard intercepts 5 Cuban refugees clinging to sinking boat off the Florida Keys”

  1. They could be perfectly good people who are truly escaping communism, but I have become so suspicious of recent arrivals that I don’t feel any empathy for them. For instance, the people who are waiting to come in, the ones in Mexico and along Central America are very quick to protest and demand rights in those temporary countries, but were meak as mice in Cuba. Many of the recent arrivals run back to Cuba in a year and a day and will tell you point blank, “castro didn’t take anything from me, you put him in power, you remove him!” So, as far as I’m concerned, just return these people. Don’t give them asylum.

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