New poll shows Trump now leading Biden among Hispanic voters in Florida

Florida is home to large number of Hispanics who fled socialism and many of them see the Democrat Party’s lurch to the left a disturbing development. With the Democrats pulling Biden into the socialist fold (wittingly or unwittingly, who knows), Florida Hispanics have fled Biden and the Democrat Party and are now flocking to Trump (via KYR News):

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has seemingly lost his advantage over President Trump in the crucial swing state of Florida, an NBC News/Marist poll released Tuesday found. A lot of that shift seemingly stems from Florida’s Latino voters, who have gone from resoundingly supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016 to actually tipping in Trump’s favor this time around, the poll showed.

Less than two months before election day, Biden and Trump are tied in Florida with 48 percent support among likely Florida voters. Biden had previously pulled as much as a 13-point lead over Trump in Florida. That dip comes as a majority of Latino respondents say they’re voting for Trump over Biden, 50-46 percent; Latino voters went for Clinton 62-35 in 2016.

Embracing socialism and pushing socialist policies may win Democrats the elite white liberal vote, but it’s poison for many Hispanics, especially those in Florida.

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