Video of the Day: Socialist indoctrination in communist Cuba’s schools

Via Democratic Spaces:

Based on a document titled “PROYECTO DE ESCUELA SECUNDARIA BASICA” (Secondary School Project) published by the Education Ministry of Cuba, I refer and translate in English relevant sections showing how political indoctrination constitutes an essential part of the education system in Cuba.

Even though this document refers only to secondary school, which includes grades 7th, 8th and 9th, the process of indoctrination occurs at all levels in Cuba and with greater intensity in high school and university. Regardless of the date of this document, it serves as a means to help us understand through the terminology of the dictatorship in Cuba how the process of indoctrination has been been and continues to be an official state policy. Similar documents can be found throughout different periods of the regime, from the establishment of the Community Youth League to the present.

Note how this document mixes “patriotism, Cubanhood/national identity” with ideology. Patriotism, rather than being defined as a broad concept that transcends ideology, is narrowed down to the acceptance and allegiance to socialism and the ideas of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. In other words, those who disagree with socialism and Fidel Castro are deemed as “anti patriotic” and therefore “anti cuban.” National identity and ideology are intertwined.

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2 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Socialist indoctrination in communist Cuba’s schools”

  1. This is not simply indoctrination but poisoning vulnerable minds with perverse lies. It is absolutely criminal, because it is forced upon Cubans and inevitably harmful, not to mention expressly designed and intended to promote and empower evil. Anyone anywhere who “misses” that flagrant aspect of “free education” in Castrogonia is both full of it and an enabler of evil.

  2. Granted, the very Fidel Castro orchestrated the capture and assassination of the useless and arrogant bum.

    Talk about posthumous fabrication… Then again, what “saints” could such fraudulent and unpardonable criminal aberration truly have?

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