Quote of the Day: Rudy Giuliani tells NYC mayor and school chancellor they should go ‘back to Cuba’

Carranza and De Blasio

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Via channel 7 ABC, New York

Giuliani told Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza to go back where he came from.

“(De Blasio) has a chancellor that belongs in Cuba running their school system,” he said. “Maybe he should go back to Cuba where he ([De Blasio) had his honeymoon.”

Naturally, the usual suspects were incapable of understanding the reference to Cuba’s atrocious communist education system and immediately began saturation bombing of the former mayor with 50-megaton “RACIST” bombs.

Last month, President Trump called De Blasio a “socialist communist” and a “fool” who’s ruined New York City..

via The New York Daily News

Rudy Giuliani drew a barrage of criticism and accusations of racism on Wednesday for saying that the city’s Arizona-born schools chancellor “belongs in Cuba.”

Giuliani took the red-baiting shot at Chancellor Richard Carranza — who’s of Mexican-American descent — while railing against Mayor de Blasio’s administration during a combative press conference in Midtown.

“We haven’t even talked about the conditions in schools, which are a sin,” the ex-mayor said. “You only get a certain opportunity to give children a good education and for some of these kids, it’s going to be blown forever because he is the mayor and because he has a chancellor that belongs in Cuba.”

Carranza’s press secretary, Miranda Barbot, said Giuliani’s comments were particularly offensive because he made them on Mexico’s Independence Day.

“A cool (read: racist, inaccurate) thing to say on Mexican Independence Day about the highest-ranking Latino and Mexican-American in NYC government,” Barbot tweeted. “Rudy and his boss never fail to show us who they are: washed up, unabashed racists at every turn.”

… Brooklyn-representing Assemblyman Robert Carroll put it more bluntly in another tweet: “Insane and racist.”

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  1. The verdict was already in, but “Bill de Blasio” is definitive proof that all the talk about New Yorkers being superior beings is absolute hogwash, to put it fairly politely. Qué mierda de gente.

  2. Well, I must say Wilhelm, I mean “de Blasio,” looks like a total, TOTAL asshole–and I expect he’d be one no matter what his politics. Yeah, I’m impressed by the savvy of New Yorkers, alright.

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