Reports from Cuba: 23 Indian workers for state construction company Almest infected with COVID-19

Olea Gallardo reports in 14yMedio from Havana via Translating Cuba:

23 Indian Workers for State Construction Company Almest Infected With COVID-19

Hotel construction in progress in Miramar where construction workers from India tested positive for COVID-19 work.

A total of 23 construction workers who are Indian citizens who are in Havana are part of the new group of people infected with Covid-19, according to the latest official figures, as reported this Wednesday by the Ministry of Health.

All of them are male, aged between 26 and 59, and reside in the municipality of Regla. The authorities detail that they are keeping 114 known contacts under surveillance.

These are the Indian workers who arrived in Cuba in 2016 hired by the Bouygues construction company for the works of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, in the Manzana de Gómez building, in Havana.

At the time, it was speculated that the French company had resorted to the exception introduced by the Government in the Foreign Investment Law that authorizes “special regulations” in relation to foreign workers in “special circumstances.”

Three months later, these foreigners were working for the state-owned Inmobiliaria Almest and the official press praised their performance — “they perform three or four times more work than Cubans,” they said.

Although the official media did not specify the salaries of the Indian workers, business sources informed press agencies that it ranges between 1,200 and 1,600 euros per month, more than 20 times the salary that a Cuban builder earns.

The Indians continue to work in the capital, according to this newspaper, in the gigantic hotel works of 3rd and 70th, carried out by Almest in Miramar, Playa municipality, and which consist of three luxury hotels, with more than 500 rooms , divided by a two-story shopping arcade.

As declared to the official press by Daysi Malvares Moret, Director of Development of Almest, the property will be the tallest hotel in the capital, with approximately 154 meters, exceeding the Habana Libre (27 floors and 70 meters), which continues to be, as at was at its inauguration, the tallest hotel in the capital.

This outbreak of the coronavirus is the second most important associated with the construction of hotels, after the one that occurred weeks ago at a construction site in western Havana.

4 thoughts on “Reports from Cuba: 23 Indian workers for state construction company Almest infected with COVID-19”

  1. The fact that socialist Cuba is so deprived of national development that it doesn’t have a labor force, nor a construction company, capable of the task should be no surprise.

    Actually, by now Cuban chefs don’t even know what Cuban food even is (nor an economy with a supply chain). I suppose they will have to import that too…

    Meanwhile engineers work as taxi drivers or, as Canadians dimwits would think, Castro helped cuban taxi drivers be as educated as engineers. Indeed, “Vamos Bien”.

    What is truly surprising, amidst the turn of events, is that Castro’s military is still building hotels. Talk about betting your entire stack on a single hand.

    • Cubans on the island are a chronically degraded and debased people–intentionally so, since that makes them much easier to manipulate, oppress and control.

  2. It’s a tragedy of epic proportions. Castro turned Cuba into an exact replica of what we were allegedly pre-59. AND you are correct Gallardo, Cuba doesn’t have a labor force or construction company to built anything. Ironic coming from a country that during its supposed underdevelopment saw Havana grow and expand in leaps and bounds, a country that was set to built a subway as far back as the Machado era. Machado who in hinesight was one of the best presidents Cuba ever had would have built the subway if he had not be deposed. Its a tragedy that Cubans have never known how to govern themselves and have f–ked up royally at every turn not being able to appreciate what they had. At this point, I am growing weary of Cubans. Right now, there is in the Cuban port tons of food that the Cuban tyranny refuses to distribute to the people, because it was sent to them by Alex Otaola and company. Otaola who has a popular Youtube/Facebook program is asking the Cuban people to demand the release of the food and nobody does anything just like noboby protests that Indian laborers are doing work that should be done by underemeployed Cubans. It’s all rather sickening., but don’t they say that a country deserves its leaders?

    • Cubans are a classic case of not knowing how good you have it till you lose it and can’t get it back. Cuba wasn’t just doing well but doing GREAT by “Latin” standards, and it was poised to do progressively better. What happened was a tragedy, but it was also a crime, and that’s why there’s been hell to pay. Our best possible excuse is stupidity, but unfortunately there were considerably worse factors involved.

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