New York Times blames Trump and U.S. for Cuba’s recent woes, praises Castro, Inc. for plague control

Lucky, lucky noble savages

From our Bureau of Unshakable Eternal Bias

Well, you know what Wayne and Garth would say….

See below for some excerpts from El Niuyortain’s most recent propaganda errand on behalf of Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth.

Never mind the passing mention of Castrogonia being a “police state” with some “mismanagement” issues. The real villain in this story is the United States, which is intent on crushing the “egalitarian socialist revolution.”

That “police state” is extremely benevolent and always necessary when you’re dealing with hot-blooded dark-skinned savages in a tropical climate. Absolutely necessary, and wonderful.

And the “mismanagement” is a minor irritation, a benign side effect of the limited mental capacity and inescapable emotional instability of those hot-blooded, dark-skinned savages.

Oh, and those “crippling” sanctions imposed by the U.S. have forced Castro, Inc. to open dollar-only stores that are having a disastrous effect on the wonderful “egalitarian” utopia created by Castro, Inc.

Aahrgggg….Damn those awful American villains…..

Time to hurl chunks, dude….

Cuba, a police state with a strong public health care system, was able to quickly control the coronavirus, even as the pandemic threw wealthier nations into crisis. But its economy, already hurting from crippling U.S. sanctions and mismanagement, was particularly vulnerable to the economic devastation that followed….

…And the reliance on dollar stores, a move intended to prop up the socialist revolution in a country that prides itself on egalitarianism, has exacerbated economic inequality, some Cubans say…

Cuba’s economy was struggling before the coronavirus. The Trump administration has worked hard to strengthen the decades-old trade embargo, going after Cuba’s sources of currency. It also imposed sanctions on tanker companies that delivered petroleum to Cuba from Venezuela and cut back on the commercial flights from the United States to the island.

Last month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced an end to charter flights, too. After the Cuban state energy company Corporación Panamericana faced sanctions, even cooking gas rations had to be reduced...

…The [Cuban] government puts the blame for the current situation squarely on Washington.

“Why can’t we export what we want? Because every time we export to someone, they try to cut off that export,” President Miguel Díaz-Canel said of the United States in a speech this summer. “Every time we are trying to manage a credit, they try to take away our credit. They try to prevent fuel from reaching Cuba. And then we have to buy in third markets, at higher prices. Why is it not talked about?”

Mr. Díaz-Canel stressed that despite the hardships, Cuba still managed a successful battle against the coronavirus: The health system did not collapse, and, he said, no children or medical professionals died of the disease.

With 11.2 million people, Cuba had just over 5,000 coronavirus cases and 115 deaths by Friday, one of the lowest mortality rates in the world. By comparison, Puerto Rico, with 3.2 million people, had five times as many deaths.

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2 thoughts on “New York Times blames Trump and U.S. for Cuba’s recent woes, praises Castro, Inc. for plague control”

  1. The NYT is remarkably consistent in its perversity, but it lacks the only virtue possible for such hijeputez–which is admitting frankly and openly that it IS hijeputez. Talk about lower than dirt.

  2. Considering its pretensions, the fact the NYT would swallow a scam like the “revolution” hook, line and sinker and then refuse to see (and say) the obvious for over 60 years pretty much does it for me. It’s like the “sophistication” of New Yorkers in light of “Bill de Blasio.” I mean, please.

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