Apartheid in Cuba Induced by Exile Yo-Yos and Dollarization

No surprise here.

If it weren’t for the exile community and all the dollars they send to Castrogonia, the bloodsuckers of Castro, Inc. would not be able to create dollar-only stores on the island.

And if it weren’t for those dollar-only stores, and the remittances and gifts of exile Yo-Yos (a species known as Yo-Yo Cubanensis), Cubans would have no access to a steady supply of food, medicince, and household goods.

In other words, Yo-Yos keep Castro, Inc. afloat. And their dollars also intensify apartheid and racism on the island by creating two distinct classes, Cubans with dollars (mostly white folks) and Cubans without dollars (mostly black).

Yo-Yo Cubanensis in its natural environment

From Havana Times:

The government’s strategy to dollarize part of Cuba’s retail market is another clear sign of its dependence on emigration. It calls many of these same emigrants “worms” and “counter-revolutionaries.” Furthermore, it bans them from entering the island whenever they dare to criticize the system.

Stocking new dollar stores with basic items gone missing in the normal Cuban retail network, is unfair and hypocritical. People looking on and those directly affected are asking the same questions for weeks now:

What can the Cubans do without someone to send them remittances from abroad or a legal income in foreign currency? Does the State, a State that plans everything, have a plan to resolve these differences? How will they balance out this shift consciously (or unconsciously) created in our society?

The Government doesn’t publish official data about the total amount of cash remittances that enter the country. According to different analysts, the sum was somewhere between 1.5 and 3.6 billion USD between 2012-2016.

A survey carried out by the Population Studies Center at Cuba’s Office of Statistics in 2016, revealed that 77% of emigrants send some form of aid to their families and friends on this Caribbean island, constantly or sporadically.

This contribution reached approximately 32% of Cubans on the island at the time. It came mostly in the form of medicines or money, according to a report by the IPS news agency. However, other recent estimates consider they might benefit a greater percentage of families.

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4 thoughts on “Apartheid in Cuba Induced by Exile Yo-Yos and Dollarization”

  1. All true but quite irrelevant. Anything that helps Castro, Inc. stay afloat is acceptable to the usual suspects, and of course the Yo-Yos are not even remotely concerned about this situation. Their only real concern is being able to send as much money and goods as possible, which is definitely NOT limited to necessities.

  2. Do, I hate Yo-Yo’s. These cubanoids not only help to keep castrogonia afloat, they have also stained the exile community with their low-class, trashy chusmeria. And as soon as they start voting en masse, they will change the political spectrum of South Florida something that our dear, dear LATRINO brothers and sisters are already doing.

  3. In a way, one cannot blame Castro, Inc. because it can only function according to its nature, which is perversely opportunistic and whose top priority is indisputably its own survival and benefit. It does NOT care about ordinary Cubans and never has, and it is NOT going to change. It CANNOT change because it is at best a parasite. Also, and this is key, it knows VERY well “diaspora” Cubans will keep money and goods flowing into the Castronoid sinkhole, no matter how obviously they’re being exploited. They’re not stupid or blind to what’s going on and they don’t have to like it–all they have to do is play along, and they WILL.

  4. I know of cases where people here were being brazenly and inappropriately taken advantage of by their relatives in Cuba, but they still sent FAR more than they should have on a regular basis even though they were definitely not well-off. Alas, emotional blackmail works REALLY well and is VERY hard to resist.

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