Cuban dictatorship’s sock puppet president blasts Trump in UN speech

The Castro dictatorship sent its sock puppet president to the UN to blast President Trump and whine about the increased sanctions against the regime. Compare this outburst with the love fest the corrupt, terror-sponsoring, human-trafficking, murderous socialist dictatorship had with Obama. Trump must be doing something right.

Ben Kew reports in Breitbart:

Cuba’s Number Two Calls Trump Policy ‘Gangster Blackmailing’ at U.N.

Cuba’s ceremonial president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, used his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday to once again rail against the United States, accusing the Trump administration of “gangster blackmailing” and generally criticizing its response to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

In his second U.N. speech since assuming the office of “president” — subservient to dictator Raúl Castro — in 2018, Díaz-Canel boasted about the mobilization of Cuba’s slave doctor trade in response to the pandemic. Many of these doctors were sent to Venezuela, Cuba’s close left-wing ally.

“While the U.S. government is ignoring the call to combine efforts to fight the pandemic and it withdraws from the W.H.O. [World Health Organization], Cuba, in response to requests made to it, and guided by the profound solidarity and humanistic vocation of its people, is expanding its cooperation by sending over 3,700 cooperation workers distributed in 46 medical brigades to 39 countries and territories hit by COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus],” Díaz-Canel said.

“In this sense, we condemn the gangster blackmailing by the U.S. to pressure the Pan-American Health Organization so as to make that regional agency a tool for its morbid aggression against our country,” he continued. “As usual, the force of truth shall do away with lies, and facts and protagonists shall go down in history as they should. Cuba’s example shall prevail.”

Cuba’s slave doctor trade is part of the regime’s use of medical diplomacy to develop and maintain ties with countries around the world. Since the Castro regime seized power in 1957, tens of thousands of Cuban doctors have been sent on humanitarian missions to over 90 countries, with profits from their work going back Havana while they live on a meager stipend.

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6 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship’s sock puppet president blasts Trump in UN speech”

  1. Even if Trump were ignoring Cuba, as in not interested one way or the other, that would still be clearly better than what so many Dem presidents have done, which is to make a bad situation needlessly WORSE. It is much easier to understand if not justify passive indifference than active wrongdoing. Dems are Cuba-toxic.

  2. Blah blah blah… Cuban doctors… blah blah blah… aggression… blah blah blah…

    By the way, didn’t they claim to have a vaccine? Sure… By now these unelected and economically inept frauds are lucky to even have aspirin, gasoline, and running water.

  3. But maybe Bobo de la Yucanel has a hormonal imbalance, like some kind of thyroid problem. I mean, the guy is like watching paint peel. He might as well be sedated, if not semi-catatonic. Talk about a slug.

    • He is a subservient cretin who is only capable of being an amoral actor, which is the only quality Castro wanted.

      And, of course, for a cretin like him, in a monopolized shit-hole like that, it is more than he ever dreamed of. Rest assured, he is very thankful for the position.

      After all, in a competent society such a dimwit would not be “President” of anything other than a grade-school baseball team.

      Anyone with intelligence and ambition would be a big threat to an old guard that’s only securing a comfortable death.

  4. Oh, I don’t blame the drone for being one. He was picked for a reason, and it wasn’t real merit or talent. Also, he was groomed to be what he is for years, meaning he’s a system product. Still, he’s painfully bogus, but then again, he’s not posing as a “general,” let alone a five-star one.

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