Cuban State Security targets signatories of letter to Catholic bishops calling for release of humanitarian aid

In communist Cuba you’re expected not only to accept oppression by the State, but you’re not allowed to ask anyone for help either. This is socialism in action.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Signatories of letter calling for release of withheld humanitarian aid harassed

Independent journalist Henry Constantin reported on Monday a wave of interrogations targeting 70 Catholics who signed a letter sent to Cardinal Juan de la Caridad Garcia and the Conference of Bishops of Cuba. The letter asks the religious leaders to publicly call for the release of humanitarian aid sent to Cuba from Miami currently being withheld by Cuban authorities.

On the La Hora de Cuba Facebook page, Constantin reported four interrogated in Camaguey and several “summons to the offices of the Ministry of the Interior” in Pinar del Rio and Havana. According to the independent journalist’s publication, 60% of those who signed the letter are young people who reside in the Havana, Camaguey, and Havana dioceses. However, among those who signed onto the missive are poet Rafael Almanza, former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, Lady in White Asuncion Carrillo, and academic Jorge Ignacio Guillen.

“We call on the Catholic Church, of which we are members, to make a public statement on this issue,” said the signers of the letter. It goes on to say that “at least 15,000 families would benefit” from the aid sent from Miami to “small Christian churches who have all their documentation in order,” and would be in charge of distributing the aid in Cuba.

The signatories also say they took their time in making the content of the letter public in order to comply with the Catholic Church’s communication protocols. However, the only response they have received so far has been repression and harassment.

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  1. And the fervently socially just and ever-so-humanitarian usual suspects? Bien, gracias. Nothing to see here.

    Again, this outcome was totally predictable, so the only presumably good reason for sending this aid was to make Castro, Inc. show itself for what it is for the zillionth time and have it look bad–for the zillionth time. The trouble is, this is VERY old news, and the ONLY people who give a shit didn’t need to be told what they’ve known for ages. So, cui bono?

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