Castro dictatorship ordered Cuban doctors sold as slave labor to destroy medicine and falsify records

This is the slave doctor healthcare program from communist Cuba they say is worthy of Nobel Prize. This is socialism in action.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Cuban Doctors: Communists Made Us Destroy Medicine

Over 600 Cuban doctors, escaped from the communist nation’s medical slavery system, joined a global complaint before the International Criminal Court (ICC) this week against Havana, detailing the human rights abuses they endured and the damage the program forced them to inflict on their host countries.

Cuban Prisoners Defenders, an NGO that advocates for the victims of the Communist Party of Cuba, initially presented a complaint against Cuba over its slave doctor system citing 110 defecting health workers before the ICC and the United Nations. On Tuesday, the organization revealed that 622 doctors — escaped from the slave doctor system and with experience serving in over 29 countries — had added their voices and personal experiences to the complaint.

Among the allegations from the former slave doctors is the claim that Cuban officials forced them to destroy medicine rather than give it to patients to falsify the true number of people the system was treating. This allegedly occurred in countries like Venezuela, where pharmacies have been running on a deficit of over 85 percent of the drugs needed to maintain a functional healthcare system for at least five years. Cuba is also facing a significant medicine shortage domestically, calling into question why the regime would not simply provide the destroyed medication to its citizens.

Other escaped Cuban doctors who worked elsewhere in the world have similarly said that the government forced them to destroy live-saving medicine to inflate its productivity levels.

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