Reports from Cuba: The evil that’s killing us

By Ammi in Havana Times:

The Evil That’s Killing Us

The psychological alliance between a hostage and their captor, known as the Stockholm Syndrome, is visible in most Cuban people. Strangely enough, many people in need and being abused, harbor positive emotions for the dictatorship.

This sentiment begins with praise for the Cuban Revolution (which is so sickening that it’s hard to swallow). They reach a point of showing complete solidarity and understanding with the government.

It’s sad to see how many rural people live in badly-damaged homes. Sometimes because of past hurricanes, or in others because it was the only place they managed to get. Even with these roofs hanging over their heads, they praise Communism’s achievements.

Their eyes light up when they talk about Fidel (who stripped them of their land its produce). When they talk about Ernesto Che Guevara, they forget the names of all the people who died at his hands.

How many Cubans do we not see daily out on the street all over the country, running around to try and get a hold of food to put on the table? They spend long hours in a never-ending line under the rain, hot sun, exhausted. However, they can’t or don’t want to raise their voices and arms against the yoke that enslaves them.

How many Cubans do we NOT see on social media every day? Denouncing medical negligence, the country’s terrible housing crisis, the shortages we have to deal with. And we aren’t blind, we see the problems, they’re right there in front of us, they are real.

But there is always that person, captured by a love towards their kidnapper, that will unfortunately only see these as: “small mistakes for over 60 years.”

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  1. At least these people have the excuse of being raised and living in a highly toxic environment where they were bound to suffer anthropological damage. They evidently don’t know any better. That’s a far better excuse than that of Cubanoids abroad, who basically have no excuse.

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