Modern-day slavery: Castro dictatorship keeps up to 91% of salaries foreign nations pay to Cuban doctors

The modern-day slave trade in Cuban doctors is very profitable for the socialist Castro dictatorship. But instead of outrage, the international community wants to give the Castros a Nobel Prize.

Via Diario de Cuba:

Havana’s Best-Kept “Mystery” Revealed: How Much the State Charges vs How Much It Pays its Doctors on “Missions”

A report by Cuban Prisoners Defenders explores Havana’s business selling the work of Cuban professionals in different countries.

The complaint that the Cuban Prisoners Defenders (CPD) organization has just lodged with the UN and the International Criminal Court about the details behind Havana’s “medical missions”, based on the testimony of 622 Cuban professionals who are members of those brigades, lays bare one of the island’s best-kept secrets: how much it pays its collaborators vs how much it pockets.

The CPD report confirms that Cuban workers receive between 9% and 25% of what the host country pays for their work, which applies not only to medical missions, but to almost all of the professionals hired through governmental agreements abroad.

According to CPD, Havana always negotiates lucrative contracts for the doctors it exports. Sometimes these deals are sealed directly with the destination country, but other times they are handled through “tripartite collaboration”, by which a rich third country, such as Venezuela, Norway, Portugal or Luxembourg, assumes the financing of the “mission”.

In these cases workers always receive as payment what the CPD report describes as “a small, residual fraction of what Cuba bills for them.”

Through 405 accounts collected on the subject in the organization’s report, it is concluded that the average monthly salary that professionals have received has been between $71 (for those hired in Belize) and $1,089 (for those exported to Saudi Arabia.
This last case, together with Eritrea (1,072); East Timor (984); Jamaica (933); Sierra Leone (855); Brazil (846); Trinidad and Tobago (827); and Qatar (734), are the most lucrative destinations.

Professionals earn salaries based on their specialty and professional status. Therefore, doctors are better paid than technicians. On the lowest rung of this labor exploitation ladder are students who have not yet graduated, who are exported and not paid a salary, but rather only a stipend.

The case of Saudi Arabia

According to the CPD “the Government of Cuba pays an average of $490 to Cuban professionals on ‘missions'”, while it collects an average of “just over $3,500 for each of them.”

“The two most common contract models are the one in which Cuba undertakes to pay the collaborator, as in Brazil; and the other, in which the collaborator collects from the government or local or international institution, and is then forced to hand over a monthly amount (between 75% and 90% of their salary) to the Government of Cuba, as in the case of Saudi Arabia,” the investigation clarifies.

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