Anti-communism and anti-socialism caravan planned in Miami for October 10th

While the Democrat Party embraces and tries to hide the horrors of socialism, millions in South Florida know better They’ve seen socialism’s misery and brutality firsthand and will continue to fight it.

Orlando Gutierrez Boronat in Breitbart:

Miami to Host Anti-Communist, Anti-Socialist Caravan and Drive-In Seminar

On October 10, 2020, at 9:30 a.m., cars will gather in two of the parking lots of Magic City Casino in a central area in Miami to carry out a caravan of vehicles protesting over the growing presence of communist and socialist ideology in the United States and the Western Hemisphere.

Organized by a “Patriotic Committee” made up of key coalitions and organizations within the Cuban exile community – such as the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance – the event will rally a call for the liberation of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, and express Hispanic support for firm policies against Chinese and Russian expansionism in the Americas.

While the expected long line of vehicles travels in a route around mainly Hispanic areas of Miami, close to its downtown, local radio station La Poderosa (the Powerful One) 670 AM will transmit the event live as well as a seminar transmitted from the main gathering site itself, where experts on communism and socialism will present the danger and harm that it poses to the region.

Participants in the caravan will thus “attend” conversations on the history of communism and socialism while driving in their cars.

The seminar will be moderated by two living experts on the evils of totalitarianism: editor and writer Angel D’Fana, who spent 20 years as a political prisoner in Cuba, and Luis Zúñiga, who spent 19 years as a political prisoner in Castro’s gulags. Among the featured guests will be Trevor Loudon, a syndicated columnist and prominent researcher into communist penetration in the United States; Alvaro Alba, an award-winning historian and author who is an expert on the history of Communism in Russia and Central Europe; Bay of Pigs veteran and educator, researcher and author Frank De Varona who will bring his testimony about the rise of Marxism in mainstream politics in the Western Hemisphere; political scientist and media personality Julio Shilling, who will speak about the rise of cultural Marxism in the educational and cultural institutions of the United States; and Breitbart National Editor Frances Martel, who will speak about the pervasive threat of Chinese Communist imperialism throughout the world.

Mexican attorney Rene Bolio – who heads the International Justice Cuba Commission, which has researched at length the crimes against humanity committed by the Communist Party regime in Cuba – will also be among the presenters at the seminar.

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