Cubans held in COVID-19 isolation center protest over the bad quality of the food

COVID-19 isolation center in Havana, Cuba

The majority of Cubans are finding it difficult to find enough food to eat. For those held in one of the socialist regime’s isolation centers, there may be food, but it’s inedible.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Protest inside an isolation center in Cuba over the bad quality of the food

A group of Cubans being held at one of the isolation centers created by authorities for COVID-19 quarantines have erupted with anger over the bad quality of food they are being served there.

In a cellphone video shot by an individual who identified herself as a Cuban who lives outside the island, a group of people, the majority of them women, can be seen angrily protesting over the food they were brought that night: mashed plantains.

“This is not food, or anything like it,” you hear the women recording the video say. “It’s not your fault,” she tells the person who brought the food, “but since we arrived here the food has been horrible. We’re not dogs or anything like that to be fed scraps.”

“This is shit,” says the woman recording over and over again, visibly upset over the bad conditions the people at the isolation center (apparently in Havana) are forced to live in. “They need to get us out of here! I don’t want this! I don’t eat this shit in my house!”

“When they feed you chicken it’s as hard as a bone, everything is shit!” In the video, a hallway in a building filled with people who are being quarantined can be seen. “I’m posting this on Facebook,” says the woman of her video. “Upload it, upload it!” other voices can be heard responding.

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