Spain’s ruling socialist party accused of money laundering, corruption, and electoral fraud

According to the accusations made by a former member of Spain’s Podemos Party, the ruling socialist party in Spain has been involved money laundering, corruption, and electoral fraud. In other words, socialists being socialists.

Sabrina Martin reports in PanAm Post:

Spain: Former Ruling Party Senator Denounces Money Laundering

Former senator Celia Cánovas asked to be considered as the “aggrieved party” in the accusation against Podemos for “illegal financing and electoral crime.”

Celia Cánovas, a lawyer, was a member of the Podemos party between 2015 and 2019. She has denounced the party led by vice president Pablo Iglesias for the crime of money laundering.

According to Libertad Digital, Cánovas asked the Justice Department in Madrid to consider her as the “aggrieved party” in the accusation against Podemos for “illegal financing and electoral crimes.”

According to Cánovas, “she made two transfers in January 2018 for a total amount of 3,000 euros.” However, in 2019, the treasurer of Podemos said that the former senator had contributed about 5,000 euros. “There is a difference of 2,000 euros between what she donated to the party and what is in the referred certification,” the complaint states.

According to sources, this would not be the first case of a gap in the amounts that could implicate Podemos in money laundering, Libertad Digital reported.

More scandals muddying Pablo Iglesias’ party

Podemos is under investigation for having received illegal money from Chavismo, Iran, and Evo Morales and for overpayments and errors in their accounts. Meanwhile, Iglesias, general-secretary of the purple party, is also under investigation for an alleged “montage,” better known as The Dina Case. This case appeared after his then advisor reported the theft of his cell phone in 2015. Over the years, it was discovered that the alleged theft had been a hoax.

The daily El Español explains the case well: “Dina Bousselham, former advisor to Pablo Iglesias, denounced the theft of her cell phone in November 2015. In July 2016, OKdiario published screenshots of the memory card from Dina’s phone, and she extended the complaint but did not reveal that her political boss, Pablo Iglesias, had had the card in his possession since January 2016 when it was given to him by the president of Grupo Zeta, Antonio Asensio.”

Why would Iglesias have in his possession information from Bousselham’s phone after the cell phone was reportedly stolen? Now a judge in Spain is investigating whether Dina, Iglesias, and Podemos sought to “instrumentalize” the judicial process for their political benefit.

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2 thoughts on “Spain’s ruling socialist party accused of money laundering, corruption, and electoral fraud”

  1. Just so you know, these characters are what Cubans mean by metralla.

    My disgust for the Spanish continues to deepen. It will no doubt soon reach all the way to China.

  2. The more leftist they are, the worst they look. Really, these people look disastrous, moronic, and painfully conceited.

    That said, that sorry excuse for a man is an open admirer of the “Partito Comunista Italiano” and its founding member, Antonio Gramsci. Never mind the oppressive and destructive truth of communism in Europe and the world over.

    Such moral selectivity reflects the arrogance and pretentiousness that characterizes such dumb ilk – which academia loves to condition and validate. Hence, AOC…

    After all, these cretins lack the intelligence to understand anything beyond propaganda or the humbleness to ever recognize the fact that they are, well, cretins.

    Thanks to fascists, Gramsci was eliminated in 1937 and his communist party was sent to the trashcan of history back in 1991 – for obvious, mostly financial, reasons.

    Of course, those who ran the Soviet machine knew that all these foreign admires of communism were, in actuality, useful and disposable dummies.

    Ironically, if the fascists didn’t eliminate them, the communists themselves did once these “geniuses” had served their purpose and before they could ever complain about the military boot crushing utopian promises that were always a lie.

    Yet, this is what is ruling modern-day Spain? What a joke. Granted, some of them deserve it.

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