Cuban dictator Raul Castro reappears after three months in hiding

After three months of not a single public appearance, communist dictator Raul Castro finally appeared on Cuban State television, quelling any rumors of illness or death. For now, at least.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Raul Castro reappears on Cuban television after 3 months hidden from the public

The First Secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party, Raul Castro, reappeared Wednesday on Cuban state media after three months of being hidden from the public, causing a wave of questions about his health.

Castro went exactly three months without appearing in public, sparking speculation on social media that health issues were preventing him from exercising his political powers.

This Wednesday, Stellar News broadcast images showing him together with Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel during a meeting of the Cuban Communist Party’s Central Committee Politburo , which met on October 6 and 7. Granma newspaper and other state-run media outlets also published the images of the former president at the meeting with government leadership.

During the meeting, several laws were reviewed before being presented to the members of the National Assembly of Popular Power, among them the law regarding the president and vice-president of the republic; the law of revocation to those elected to the Body of Popular Power; the law for organizing and defining the functions of the Provincial Government of Popular Power as well as for the Council of Municipal Administration.

Furthermore, a proposal was presented to update the the plan containing the measures used to deal with coronavirus after the resurgence of the disease affecting the country.

Castro’s absence in the media and at important policial meetings sparked rumors on social media and foreign online publications regarding the state of his health. Some reported that the former Cuban president was suffering from cancer while others said he had contracted coronavirus, but as of yet, the Cuban state has not made any official remarks about it.

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    • He has lost a lot of weight, though. I think he has contracted an STD (hopefully AIDS) from his bl@ck bodyguard.

  1. And yes, Cuba is a military dictatorship, but what can one say about a military establishment headed by a fake general who was never a real military man of even much lower (or any) rank?

    The guy might as well run around wearing a Spiderman or Batman outfit. Sheesh.

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