A picture is worth a thousand words

Get a load of Cuba’s “leadership,” never elected but “historical.” They’re not just crumbling old farts WAY past their expiration dates — some even run around in costume for good measure. We’re not just talking fraudulent and illegitimate, but utterly lacking in respect or consideration for the people of Cuba, apart from the ruling class. Don’t even mention Cuba’s “president,” that gray, dull and clunky puppet — un monigote torpe — who doesn’t fool absolutely anybody. And I thought Joe Biden looked over the hill.

It’s like a grotesque and perverse joke: “Oh, yeah, everything in Cuba sucks, we’re hopelessly dysfunctional, and parasitism is the best we can do, but we must still be good revolutionaries, or whatever, and keep repeating what Fidel always said: Vamos bien.” Maybe the reason most Cubans no cogen lucha con esto is that it is deeply disgraceful and horribly humiliating, and it’s much easier to blow it off (Cubans are not especially serious people). I mean, if we were Swedes, there’d probably be mass suicides.

Lord have mercy.

2 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words”

  1. We’re talking about people who owe everything to political affiliation and personal connections, but who never, not even in their “prime,” had anything valuable or worthwhile to offer Cuba or its people. It’s not just that they’ve lived so well off the “revolution” for ages in exchange for nothing, or worse than nothing, but that they’re STILL clinging to power as if it were 1970. WTF?

  2. Looks like the faux general is wearing a mighty hefty bulletproof vest under his costume. As for the other old fart, there’s no need. Nobody would bother to kill him, as he’s pretty much dead already and has always been what Cubans call un cero a la izquierda.

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